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  • Ready to roll - Road departments ready for bad weather

    When the weather is bad, clearing ice and snow from the roads is a job of critical importance.

    Veteran road department employees know the routine.

    They follow the weather forecasts and get the trucks and snowplows ready to roll.

    This year, thanks to the purchase of a new salt brine mixer, county roads will have an added weapon in their winter weather arsenal -- all the brine they can use.

    Salt brine is typically applied to the roadways before a snow storm arrives because it prevents snow from bonding to the road. That makes it easier to remove the snow.

  • Birders count even in bad weather

    Local birders participating in the 34th annual Midwiner Bird Count faced miserable conditions on Saturday, Dec. 15. Birders faced heavy rain and driving winds during the count, which limited visibility.

    Heather Brown, Iris Brown, Joan Brown, Seth Brown, Todd Brown, Cheryl Houston, Omar Mandeel, Benton Young, Steven Young and I participated. We found 49 species and 2,550 birds. Birders spent 25 hours and covered 262 miles during the count. The count area is the same 15-mile diameter circle every year, which covers much of the west and central part of the county.

  • Armed robber strikes again

    Police and sheriff's deputies reported a white male wearing a hoodie and partial face mask hit at least three local businesses over the pre-holiday weekend.

    Sunday night, Pizza Hut was robbed at gunpoint, according to Shelbyville police.

    Saturday, an armed robber hit Arby's on Taylorsville Road and then a Mexican grocery store in Simpsonville, according to a sheriff's report.

    According to both reports, the suspect showed clerks he had a handgun and asked for cash in all of the weekend robberies.

  • Christmas at Claudia's

    An estimated 1,450 people were served at this year's Christmas at Claudia's at Claudia Sanders Dinner House Sunday. Low-income families were invited to the event to receive a free meal and toys.

    Event organizers said the event cost from $25,000 to $30,000 to put on. Numerous local businesses, organizations and individuals volunteered and donated time and money to make the event happen.

  • Meals on Wheels: delivering food and friendship

    A cluster of women scrambled in the kitchen of the Multi-Purpose Community Action Center on Washington Street last week. They bumped elbows as they packed warm, foil-wrapped meals in vinyl thermal packs. Volunteers Jackie McClain and Marjorie Gash gave the packs a quick inspection, before Wanda Adams, site manager of the Shelbyville center, gave a final thumbs-up.

  • Community datebook

    Note: Because of holiday scheduling, these regularly scheduled meeting dates may have been changed. Call ahead, or check the Sentinel-News' news briefs for information.

    Non-denominational meeting

    The Women's Prayer Connection meets 9:30-11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2008, at the Stratton Center.

    Library holiday schedule

    The Shelby County Public Library will be closed Monday, Dec. 31, and Tuesday, Jan. 1.

    Compassionate Friends

  • Rockets face tough field in American Founders Bank Rocket Invitational

    The Shelby County boys' basketball team will get a quick holiday break before heading back on the court.

    After finishing the Henry County Invitational Friday, the Rockets will get five days off before getting back in action in the first American Founders Bank Rocket Invitational.

    The tournament will bring in some solid teams from around the state, and South Central High School from Indiana will make the trip.

  • Fed-Mexico deal to hijack Social Security

    An email petition hit Shelby County last week urging the federal government to deny illegal immigrants access to U.S. Social Security benefits.

    No less than 931 people from 20 states -- including some citizens from Shelby County -- have already signed the petition, which will be sent to the president if Congress approves a contentious immigration bill.

  • Employers recognize 'gift' of long-time employees

    At the October staff meeting for employees of Bowersox Vision Center, owner Dr. Dan Bowersox talked to the group about the value of having an employee who was doing a job well and enjoying it. Then he handed 10-year employee JoAnne Leake a brochure on a cruise to the Bahamas.

    "She's always gone above and beyond," Bowersox said. "She's way incredible. She has always gone the extra mile so I wanted to send her miles and miles away."

    Leake and her husband, Barry, just returned from the cruise Bowersox paid for, his gift for 10 years of service and hard work.

  • In need, indeed

    There will be no tinsel, ribbons or presents in Paul and Marsha Myers' apartment on Christmas day. There will not be any heat either. Paul, who has been out of work for months, said he is glad that they at least have a place to stay - something that may not always be true.

    "No Christmas this year," he said. "No tree. No ornaments - nothing."

    Judy Roberts, executive director of Operation Care, said that, sadly, stories such as Paul's and Marsha's are increasingly common in Shelby County.