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  • Business Briefcase April 23, 2010

    Lead paint training

    A new EPA ruling about lead paint goes into effect soon, and Andriot's is holding class starting at 8 a.m. Friday at Andriot's on Main Street for contractors to be certified. Call 859-273-5117 or www.epaleadtraining.com to register. This 8-hour class is limited to 24 registrants with a small fee to be a certified renovator.


    Jewish Hospital exec named to board

  • WICHE: Gardening questions are answered

    Question: I have 30 eastern white pines that are a year old and 10 I have just

    planted. What type of fertilize should I use. Also I have some azaleas. What should I use on them? Gary & Angela Scharfenberger, Shelbyville

    Answer: I would not fertilize young pines just keep them well-watered throughout the summer if we do not get adequate precipitation. A good soaking once is week will get them established more quickly.     

  • How the Kentucky Derby roses are read

    When Gertrude Stein wrote, “A rose is a rose is a rose,” she certainly wasn’t aware of the rigorous rose selection for the Kentucky Derby’s garland of roses.

    “Our order of roses for this year is about seven thousand,” says Joyce Blair, the “rose lady” who is the liaison between Churchill Downs Inc. and Kroger, which constructs the garland for the Derby and the garland of lilies for the Kentucky Oaks.

  • Shelbyville Police Reports: April 30, 2010



    Scott A. Gribbins, 32, of 706 Village Lane in Shelbyville was arrested April 27 at 720 Taylorsville Road and charged with theft from auto, second-degree criminal mischief, second-degree criminal mischief and receiving stolen property under $500.


    Public Intoxication


  • Downtown goes to the 'dogs


  • Weekly sports roundup

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  • G is for Grafton

    Novelist Sue Grafton certainly has her fans.

    Visit SueGrafton.com, and you’ll find 8,600 registered members who have posted 66,300 questions/answers to 3,883 different topics.

    There, they discuss such subtle nuances of where character Kinsey Millhone parks her car and if anyone has a good recipe for lemon bars.

  • Couple donates land for new county park

    Shelby County Parks Board Chairman Hubert Pollett called it “unbelievably amazing.”

    Parks and Recreation Director Clay Cottongim called it “extremely generous.”

    They are describing Shelby County’s newest park: an equestrian-based, 400-acre facility on Aiken Road in northwest Shelby County on land donated to the county.

  • We congratulate: The lasting generosity of park land donation

    Magnanimous public gifts can be hard to qualify. Everyone’s contribution to the greater good is like the Widow’s Mite of the old Biblical parable – its beauty lying in the completeness of the donation, even if its scope seems small when compared to others.

    So the intent here is not to offer a loud and prolonged thank you to Roger and Diane Shott for the size of their gift to Shelby County but for what that gift represents.

  • In my lifetime, this one was the coolest cat

    This is a story about a cat, but it’s not about one of those strays running around Zaring Mill Road.

    This one came from a nice, traditional cat family, though road-dropped relatives may have been in the gene pool.

    This cat didn’t live in a box in someone’s corner, wasn’t fed anything out of a can or box, didn’t know litter from a ladder and was responsible for her own grooming.

    We didn’t know her pedigree. She never saw a cage or a doctor.

    But she did know love, survival and the place that was her home.