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  • EARLIER: Shelby dominates Seneca, advances in playoffs

    It had been 14 years since the Rockets hosted a home playoff game, and the team didn’t disappoint its fans Friday night, routing visiting Seneca, 37-14.T

  • District seeks public feedback for improvement

    Shelby County Public Schools is seeking the input of staff, family and community members to help design what it is calling the District Improvement Plan.

    This plan is a sort of comprehensive guide to help staff improve student achievement through activities that focus on key areas such as academic performance, efficiency and a learning environment.

  • Wiche: Here are the All-America selections for 2010

    I can’t believe it’s almost 2010: another year of gardening and another year for the All- America Selections.

    The AAS have an inherent good-gardening stamp of approval. The designation signals superior performance in a plant that usually includes vegetables, annuals and bedding plants.  More recently they have added a cool-season award to the list so gardeners can start planting now.  

  • 'Big Love' brings big insight to SCHS

    Some pretty “Big Love” is coming to Shelby County High School this Friday and Saturday, when the theater department presents Charles Mee’s Big Love, an update on one of the oldest plays ever known, The Suppliant Women by Aeschylus.

  • News Briefs: Nov. 11, 2009

     Senate candidates scheduled

  • My Word: A most simple gift can have amazing power

     The power of a simple gift is one of the most amazing powers there is.  From China to Peru, Samaritan’s Purse has been busy sending shoebox gifts to hurting and poor children.  Since 1993, Samaritan’s Purse has delivered more than 61 million shoebox gifts to boys and girls in 130 nations.  Because of this program, children and their families all over the world are impacted and find hope through Jesus.

  • Southville to hold special election for winery

    Ferenc Vegh and Lisa Davis can't wait until Nov. 24.

    That's the day they find out whether or not they will get the go-ahead to start plans to build a winery to go with the vineyard they established last year.

    A special local-option election will be held Nov. 24 for the Southville Voting Precinct (B-101), which will allow voters to decide if they would like for the Vegh-Davis Vineyard, located at 5916 Hempridge Road, to be allowed to operate as a winery.

  • Animal welfare groups work together for county's animals

    Charlie Metzger was in the middle of detailing how the adoption center works at Metzger's Country Store in Simpsonville when an employee walked in holding a gorgeous, gray-and-white Himilayan.

    The cat had been left at the store in its carrier with a note attached requesting Metzger's to care for it.

    "It doesn't happen too often, but it happens more than it should," Metzger said.

    The cat would have to be taken to the county's animal shelter for a period before it could come back to Metzger's, if the center has space.

  • EARLIER: Duckett case: No killer, no leads

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  • This is a game that makes you want to twist and shout

    I endured one of those terrible traumas recently that I had hoped never would occur in my lifetime and pray never happens to you.

    On Thursday night, I had to be in my car for about an hour in the late evening. It was a quiet night, not much traffic. No rainfall, even if the sky wasn’t clear.

    And then it happened, as if the fates had reached out and grabbed me by the shirt and dragged me into a new vortex of reality.

    I turned on my radio to listen to a bit of the World Series, and it wasn’t there!