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  • Seasoned with love

    Rob Rothenburger was adamant, clacking his spaghetti tongs together as he spoke.

    “No, no, I can't give up Mama Rothenburger's secret family chili recipe. But I will tell you this,” he said, leaning forward and glancing at the other contestant at the chili cook-off with a mischievous gleam in his eye, “this guy's secret ingredient is road kill!”

    After a chuckle as hearty as his chili, Shelby County’s Judge Executive excused himself to turn his attention to a question posed by a diner.

  • What we think: Senator Tapp's bill is not a good idea

    State Senator Gary Tapp is coming under a lot of fire these days from columnists, letter writers and even editorial cartoonists around the state for his proposed Senate Bill 68, which would place tight restrictions on the types of individuals who could adopt children or become foster parents. We agree with those who oppose this bill.

    A law that limits by arbitrary definition the pool of individuals willing to step forward and volunteer to help the save the life of an innocent child is not well-conceived or even necessary.

  • Burglary on the rise in Shelby


     Residents should be extra vigilant when it comes to home security because detectives think "serial burglars" are at work throughout the county.

    The Shelby County Sheriff's Office wants to put the word out that people should be aware that residential burglaries have increased significantly over the past few months.

    Detective Jason Rice said that although the crimes have not occurred in any part of the county, but Finchville, the Aiken Road area and Waddy have seen more home burglaries than any other area.

  • Spencer is no pushover

    On Jan. 5 it came down to 3 seconds and one point.

    So when the Lady Rockets (9-16) and Spencer County (13-11) tip off tonight at 6 in the first round of the Girls’ 30th District Tournament at Anderson County, you can expect another close, hard fought game.

    “This is the best Spencer County team I’ve seen,” SCHS Coach Sally Zimmerman said. “They have all the tools necessary to do well in the postseason.”

  • Rockets slip past St. X

    Shelby County's Donovan Johnson drove hard to the rim with 6.8 seconds left in the game. After his shot bounced around the rim and fell, the Rocket gymnasium erupted. Johnson then nailed the free throw, putting Shelby ahead of St. Xavier 43-41 Friday.

    But the Rockets still had to hold on and watch a St. X 3-pointer bounce off the rim as time expired. The win moved the Rockets to 14-14, and secured a six-game win streak to carry into the playoffs, which start next week at Anderson County.

  • What we think: Open government must be reinforced

    Even more troubling to those of us who watch out for your interests is another bill that seems to be gaining momentum under the leading members of both the Senate and the House.

    In Senate Bill 188, Senate President David Williams and House Speaker Greg Stumbo are proposing the creation of a state oversight agency that would be responsible for checks and balances on all aspects of government and those who hold office.

  • A tribute to Robert A. Fay Part 1

    We often speak of unsung heroes whose acts of kindness or courage, strokes of genius or divine luck, words of inspiration or encouragement; leave their mark on an individual or even a community. In an era when respect for people of the media is at an unprecedented and unfortunate low, there is one former publisher/editor whose good works even now, over 35 years after his retirement from journalism and departure from Shelby County, benefit our community.

    I recently learned that Robert A.

  • Holiday Gift Guide
  • District Court Report Feb, 11, 2009

    District court

    The following cases were heard by Judge Linda Armstrong:

    Paul A. Corbin, license to be in possession and possession of open alcohol beverage container in a motor vehicle -- plead guilty -- $198 fine and costs.

  • Seasons looking better than as they wind down

    The basketball season locally looked bleak not long ago. Actually, it looked downright dismal.

    But throw a recent winning streak in there, and despite the chilling temperatures, the outlook has improved.

    The 30th District Tournaments are just around the corner. Both Anderson County teams will tipoff play against Eminence on Tuesday in Lawrenceburg, and Shelby's boys and girls will face Spencer County on Wednesday.

    There's not a lot of drama for Tuesday.