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  • Business Q/A: Gordon Griffin

    Gordon Griffin is retiring after 17 years as a financial advisor with Edward Jones Financial in Shelbyville. Griffin, a native of Maine, said he has seen many changes to the financial world since he started in the field in the 1993 and became a limited partner in 2000.

  • Business Q/A: Eileen Collins

    SENTINEL-NEWS: Some folks may not know what the Shelby Development Corporation is. What

    would you say to them?

    EILENE COLLINS: Shelby Development Corporation works to promote the retention, development and enhancement our downtown communities.


  • New Business: Laurel’s Salon & Barber Shop

    Address: 310 Washington St., Shelbyville


  • Business Q/A: Regan Wann

    Sentinel-News: What is the mission of SMART?

  • Web site connects jobs and employees

    If you are looking for a job, it might be important to know that the fastest growing jobs in this region are in human resources and computer and information systems management.

    Such information is available to all potential job seekers at www.kix.com. Kix.com or The Kentucky-Indiana Exchange was developed to grow, attract and retain talent in the Wired65 area. Wired65 includes 19 Kentucky counties and seven Indiana counties around Interstate 65. The initiative brings together economic and workforce development activities.

  • Business Q/A: Kenneth Farrell

     Kenneth Ferrell, the owner of Ferrell’s Air Conditioning & Heating in Clay Village, celebrated 30 years in business last week. He was honored with gifts and a steak luncheon for nearly 40 people in attendance. The Sentinel-News asked Ferrell about his many years as a small-business owner and his long tenure connections to Shelby County.

  • Business Q/A: Katie Fussenegger

    SENTINEL-NEWS:You have been in your new leadership position with for Shelby County tourism for nearly 18 months, what is the biggest lesson you have learned?

  • Hornback on the road to ready

    One month ago yesterday Republican Paul Hornback was elected the new State Senator for District 20, and although he won't take office for another month, Hornback has already gotten to work.


    "Every day, every day," he said. "I've been meeting with different folks to learn more about their industry or field so I can understand their wants and needs.


    "I'll meet with any person or group that writes, emails or calls and asks me to come. I want to get to know the district."


  • Woman admits $650K in fake loans

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  • U.S. 60-KY 55: A vexing intersection

    Three weeks have passed since the Shelbyville Bypass opened, and already problems are surfacing with issues relating to the newly paved road.

    Residents have written letters to the newspaper, and businesses are speaking out about what problems they see surrounding the intersection west of Shelbyville where the bypass joins KY 55 and U.S. 60.

    Although people have voiced concerns about a number of things, two problems are uppermost in their minds about what they believe needs to be changed about the intersection.