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  • EARLIER: End of an Era

     Everyone knew the end would finally come. And everyone associated with the Anderson County-Shelby County high school athletic rivalry knew it would happen on the baseball or softball diamond.

    But few could have imagined the end being a series of exclamation points instead of a period.

    And after Shelby outlasted Anderson 10-9 last Thursday, some on both sides lamented the end of the rivalry as it stands now.

  • Taking a walk on the wild side

     As a boy Paul Huber worked in his family’s tractor store in Shelbyville.

  • EARLIER: Top 2 grads are no surprise


  • We congratulate: Our candidates for Nov. 2

    The Primary Election has passed, and now we have our slate for November.

    There are not enough candidates in our races, but still we have key choices to make.

    We congratulate candidates who won primaries, those who won vs. indifference (i.e. no competition) and those who will join this process in the fall.

  • Shelby's season ends with 3-1 loss to Ryle

    Ryle 3, Shelby County 1

    Shelby came back once early to tie with Dee Dee Davis' run off Courtney Tinsley's single, but Shelby couldn't muster the grit to overcome a determined Ryle in the elimination game.

    Raider Bella Steinle scored two runs, one in the fourth and one in the sixth, to set up Ryle's win. Rocket Jeneca Thomas took the loss while Haylee Smith earned the win. Both teams fought a stiff headwind that held up fly balls for easy outs.

    Reidland 6, Shelby County 0

  • Woman saved from drowning by rescue team

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  • State Baseball: Rockets fall to West Jessamine, 8-6

    LEXINGTON -- In the end, the comeback kids didn't have another one in them, as Shelby lost 8-6 to West Jessamine in the KHSAA State Baseball Tournament Monday.

    "I thought we had it in us," Rocket Coach Bart Roettger said. "When you have the tying run at second base in the last inning, that's all you can ask for."

  • EARLIER: What we think: Let's draw a line at dangerous ramp

    Numerous state transportation officials came to Shelby County last week to talk about safety on Interstate 64. They rallied at the rest stop near Simpsonville to talk about the dangers that the highway and its drivers and construction workers are facing these days.

    And though we realize workers standing alongside frustrated and crowded drivers can cause a verifiable hazard that requires all of our attention, we also see clearly where Cabinet officials are placing their collective weight.

  • Stuck truck sticky for students as schools close

    Shelby County students leaving on their last day of school may have wondered Tuesday if they ever would be free for the summer. A truck pulling a modular home became stuck between construction barricades on Interstate 64, shutting down westbound traffic just across the Jefferson County line for four and a half hours and backing up vehicles in long clogs on the interstate, U.S.

  • What we think: Our graduates have a unique opportunity

    Dear Class of 2010

    Welcome to your first real step into adulthood.

    We congratulate you, the last graduating class of a unified Shelby County High School, and we are glad to have you among us.

    Because we need you.

    We have looked at your resume, and we have been amazed at what you have accomplished these past four years.