Today's News

  • Triple S meets Tuesday

    Triple S Planning Commission will meet at the Stratton Community Center Nov. 21 at 6:30 p.m. Here's the agenda:

    * A public hearing regarding a zone change of property located approximately .8 miles south of Midland trail on the west side of Mack Walters Road.

    * A public hearing regarding a zone change with waivers for property located on the west side of Ardmore Lane & north of Shelbyville Road.

  • Police warn citizens to beware of theives

    With the temperatures forecast to dip into the 20s this weekend and snow flurries or showers possible, you might feel compelled to dash outside to warm up your car and clear its windows before you’re ready to drive.

    But police urge you not to do this because you may be left out in the cold.

  • Facing the canyon

    Skylar Cannon's life has been an uphill battle.

    She was born with a terminal disease that has attacked the voluntary muscles in her arms, legs and spinal cord.

    The disease, which is called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, has confined her to a wheelchair and has prevented her from doing many of the things that most 13-year-old girls enjoy.

    Yet, despite her setbacks, Skylar has meet her challenges head on.

  • EARLIER: Shelby man murdered; suspect at large

    A Shelby County man is dead, and Kentucky State Police are looking for whoever  may have murdered him.

    James "Jim" Duckett, 43, of 5300 Rockbridge Road in eastern Shelby County, was found Monday in his home by a family member who had stopped to check on him.

    Police believe the suspect fled in Duckett's pickup truck, and though the truck was found late Monday night, the suspect remains at large.

    Police would not say if they know who the suspect might be.

  • Shelby County Grand Jury Indictments

    Joshua B. Spaulding of Bagdad was indicted for third-degree assault, resisting arrest, third-degree terroristic threatening, second-degree disorderly conduct, third-degree criminal mischief, harassing communications, no insurance and improper registration plates.

    Gretchen Ann Pierson of Shelbyville was indicted for making false statements to obtain benefits over $100.

  • Hopefully this end will be a beginning

    At long last we're are the end of an election season that compares to nothing in our lifetimes, an immersion as thorough and overpowering as technology would allow.

    Millions of us decided to tune in this presidential year - heck, almost all of us even voted - and we were engaged by a debate that historically has been overly formal, too esoteric, vague and, well, just boring. Who believed half of what they heard? Maybe we still don't, but we've certainly listened more closely.

  • A cool start best for bulbs

    I spoke with Jo-Ann van den Berg-Ohms from Van Engelen Bulb Company the other day. Her family has been in the Dutch bulb business for five generations, so I trust her advice when it comes to bulbs.

    She noted that bulbs are best planted once soil temperatures cool to about 55 degrees, so she tells people to wait and plant bulbs until we have had at least two weeks of sweater weather. If it is too cool outside without a jacket then it's just right for planting bulbs.

  • Shelbyville Police Report

    Drunken Driving


    Brenda Reece, 54, of Shelbyville, was arrested Oct. 29 on Boone Station Road and charged with DUI.

    William Shawn Fleming, 35, of Shelbyville, was arrested Nov. 1 on Henry Clay Street and charged with DUI and no insurance.

  • Happy retirement, Miss Mary

    I don't normally fret about writing columns, but this one has been tough. How, after all, do you adequately muster the words to pay fitting tribute to someone who has spent much of her life taking care of our most vulnerable children and their families?

    For more than a decade, Mary Simmons directed the Dorman Center, a special day care for at-risk children. If you had to make a list of some of life's toughest assignments, that job would be right near the top.

  • What we think

    Today we should thank Cary Vowels for his service to the City of Simpsonville.

    Vowels has been part of the Simpsonville City Commission for six years, and his contributions have been outstanding. His has been a voice both  reasonable and resonant, and his impact serious. For that he deserves thanks.

    But he also deserves congratulations for being a man of dignity and honor in perhaps his last contribution to the city.