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  • Operation Care moves to Main Street

    Operation Care, the nonprofit agency that helps the needy, has a new home.

    After years of searching, the agency has purchased and is in the process of moving into the former Coach House facility on Main Street in Shelbyville.

    Lisa Napper, manager of Operation Care, says she expects the new facility to be open as soon as next week.
    “We moved our clothing here first,” she said. “We hope to be up and running in the next week or two.”

  • Sports Bulletin Board: Jan. 19, 2011

    Baseball camps

  • Cliff Swallows build nests of art

    The American Cliff Swallow nests in colonies, and each nest is an absolute work of art.
    Their nests are vase- or gourd-shaped constructions that typically contain 900 to 1,200 mud pellets.
    In Kentucky, these colonies can be found commonly on the bridges on U. S. 68 across Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake as well as in a large concrete box culvert on the road leading north from U.S. 68 to Lake Barkley State Park.
    They also nest on structures up and down the Ohio River, including in and around Louisville.

  • Shelby County Sheriff's Reports Dec. 31, 2010



    Thomas G. Conder, 48, of 535 Birchwood Circle in Shelbyville was arrested Nov. 13 at Highland Manor on bench warrants for a loud muffler, failure to register a motor vehicle, not wearing a seat belt and failure to produce an insurance card, no registration receipt, no registration plates and DUI, second offense.

  • Arrest made in recent rash of metal theft

    A Shelbyville man has been arrested in connection with the crime spree involving metal thefts from vacant houses, police say.

    Jerry R. Ford, 40, of 612 10th St. is lodged in the Shelby County Detention Center under a $5,000 bond charged with third-degree burglary.

  • Ticketing for texting starts on Saturday


    Starting Saturday, Kentucky drivers will have to keep their eyes on the road and off their cellular phones.

  • Curstinger: First woman of fiscal court steps down

    Betty Curtsinger laughed as she recalled an incident in the mid-1990s that made her start thinking about running for magistrate.

    “I attended a meeting where they [magistrates] were talking about revising the county’s code of ethics, and I brought up the subject of nepotism,” she recalled. “I held my notes up in the air, and I said to Judge [Bobby] Stratton, ‘I want to know what your opinion is on giving jobs to family members.’”

  • 2011 Shelby County Young Leaders

    Shane Allen
    Shelby County HS
    Shawn & Neshia Allen
    School/Community Involvement: Ninth Grade Class President, Tenth Grade Class Treasurer, Shelby Singers, Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp., Teenage Republicans, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Chamber Singers, Church Teen Leader, Shelby Co. Public Library, Fathers Love and Head Start Volunteer
    Hobbies/Interests: journalism, broadcasting, music, basketball, drama, reading


  • January schools calendar


    Jan. 3 - Encourage your child to do his best in school as he returns back to school for the second semester.

    Jan. 10 - To have a successful joint Project Graduation, both high schools need more volunteers from Junior and Senior parents as well as Seniors from SCHS and Collins for committee work. This meeting will be 6:30 p.m. at Shelbyville City Hall, 315 Washington Street. Contact Mary Hayes Smith to get involved - 502-487-8205.

  • It’s official: Cranberries help cure urinary tract infections

    If you’ve had a urinary tract infection, you’ve probably heard all about the home remedy: cranberry juice.

    For years, it was nothing but an “old wives’ tale” without any scientific proof.

    Now, cranberry juice is widely accepted to fight the bacteria that causes UTIs…but the mechanism of exactly how it works is still not known.

    A study from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute is finally shedding some light on the secrets of Cranberry juice’s bacteria fighting power.