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  • EARLIER: SCHS 36, Southern 32

    LOUISVILLE -- The tears of joy that left streaks on Quinten Cottrell’s cheeks said it all - Shelby County finally had won a football game.

    Cottrell scored three touchdowns and shook off a late fumble to help the Rockets’ defense preserve the team’s first victory of the season – 36-32 at Southern on a smoky Friday night.

  • MAGISTRATE District 6: John C. Lewis

    Democrat John C. Lewis of Bagdad has filled to run for Shelby County magistrate in District 4, a seat currently held by Cordy Armstrong.

    Lewis, in his first race, said he was inspired to run for office by a desire for community involvement as well as out of a sense of admiration for his parents, Jack and Stella Lewis, who were politically oriented.

    "Dad served both as a deputy sheriff and later as Shelby County Jailer, and mom was instrumental in the rise of the Shelby County Democratic Party in both local and state races," he said.

  • Election lineup for Nov. 2


      U.S. Senate Jack Conway (D) Rand Paul (R)  

    U.S. Rep. District 2

    Brett Guthrie (R) Ed Marksberry (D)  

    State Senate District 20

  • Rolling Ridge homeowners hire attorney to get answers

    Some homeowners of the Rolling Ridge development in Simpsonville have hired an attorney to secure documentation of how their homeowners association is spending the dues it collects and whether the association is even viable.

    About 25 to 35 residents gathered Tuesday at Simpsonville Christian Church for a meeting in which homeowners association president Bruce Irvin had been expected to deliver financial records and copies of the bylaws to residents,

  • This group has no grave reservation

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  • EARLIER: Rolling Ridge homeowners: Give us statements, records

    Approximately 50 members of the Rolling Ridge Homeowners Association – including embattled president Bruce Irvin – turned out Thursday night for a meeting called by residents and not the people who say they form its board of directors.

    They gathered in the Simpsonville Gym under the direction of Ted Perkins, the resident who says that in 2008 he was elected president of the board but never allowed by Irvin to take control of the organization.

  • County announces prescription drug drop off

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  • MAGISTRATE District 4: Jeff Carman

    Jeff Carman, a Republican, is running for magistrate in District 7.

    A Finchville resident, Carman is a profitability and growth consultant.

    "I help companies increase their profitability by reducing expenses and grow by developing new revenue streams and implementing performance management guidelines," he said.

  • District 53 Judge's race: Challenger Smith takes aim at Dutton

     The duel for the 53rd Judicial District’s Division II seat is pitting two Shelby Countians who know each other well.

  • Circuit Court Clerk: Redmon named candidate

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