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  • Dottie Spaulding Gordon: 1917-2010

    Dorothy Spaulding Gordon, known affectionately around the county as simply "Dottie," died Wednesday at the Masonic Home Shelbyville. She was 93.

    Since 1940 she has owned and operated a hair salon called Dottie's Beauty Shop at 415 6th Street in Shelbyville. The familiar marquee remains on the building.

  • Shelbyville approves rental inspections, fee

    The Shelbyville City Council approved Thursday the second reading of an ordinance that will reinstate the rental inspection fee.

    The ordinance was dropped in 2007 after several landlords complained that the city was just looking for revenue.

    Mayor Tom Hardesty said when the ordinance was dropped, the city moved the inspection into the business license, but the same group that had balked at paying for inspections was continuing to refuse through the business license.

  • Girls tennis team remains undefeated at 7-0

  • WICHE: Take care in moving your plants outdoors

    Our current warm sunny weather has made everyone just delighted and the intoxication of it all may lead us to act impulsively.

    I am as eager as anyone to move some of my houseplants outdoors. My gardenia looks terrible in the dining room, and the jasmine downstairs seems to stare into space dreaming of better days.

    Those days are coming, but just be slow about the transition from indoors to out. 

  • SCHS sets graduation for June 12

    After a meeting with students Thursday morning, Shelby County High School Principal Eddie Oakley said the school will hold graduation on June 12, at 7 p.m. at the Frankfort Civic Center.

    “We sent E-mails to parents, did a one-call to let them know and then we talked to students this [Thursday] morning, and it was still about 50-50 [between June 8, and June 12],” he said.

  • Easter keeps hopping along -- too often in the wrong direction

    When you sit down to write about Easter, you have to pause.

    We are taught in the College of Political Correctness to walk the center stripe when it comes to issues involving religion and faith. We are taught to keep those feelings private and not sell our souls, if you will, in public.

    But those among us who are Christians were charged by Jesus to spread the word of His name and His message to the world, anointing each of us as disciples in that task.

  • State Tournament notebook

  • April Fool: Bypass work doesn’t resume

    April Fool's Day, the opening construction day for work on the Shelbyville Bypass, dawned bright and sunny.

    But the equipment sat motionless, except for a stray truck or two being checked out by a mechanic.

    Well, at least contractors Kay and Kay are consistent.

  • EARLIER: New school out date: June 8

    The Shelby County School Board voted unanimously Thursday to extend the school year until June 8, with graduation currently scheduled for Saturday, June 12. The last day for staff would be June 9.

    Four members of the board - Doug Butler, Eddie Mathis, Alan Phillips and Brenda Jackson - voted for the later closing date. Board member Sam Hinkle was absent from the meeting.

    This decision sparked a lively discussion on The Sentinel-News' Facebook page.

    Gary Kidwell, the director of student accounting and support services, provided the board with six options:

  • Tennis: Boys lose opener to South Oldham