Lisa King
Election workers (from left) Frank Loch, Mary Young, Inez Duke and Robbie Murphy) wait for voters on a rainy Primary Election Day at Precinct D103 at the Stratton Community Center.
ELECTION 2016: Familiar faces fare well in Primary

The 2016 May Primary Election played out well for familiar faces.

Six Shelbyville City Council members were triumphant over two newcomers, and Shelby County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger won in a landslide for a state house seat.

In the Shelbyville City Council race of 8 Republicans, 6 – incumbents Bobby Andriot, Frank Page, and Jon Swindler along with Troy Ethington, Scott Harper, Chris Spaulding – were the top vote getters, with Brad Brown and Rocky Pinciotti failing to advance to the November election.