Local News

  • Recognizing a credit card scam

    It's no secret that credit card companies can be annoyingly persistent on the phone. Josie Mack said her 86-year-old mother Frances Beckley was being called at least once a week by the same caller. Each time the woman on the other end said she could lower the interest rate on Beckley's credit card then relentlessly tried to verify her card information.

    The red flag was the fact that Beckley doesn't own a credit card.

  • Lexington woman charged with murder of infant

    A Lexington woman is being held in the Shelby County Detention Center charged with murder in connection with the death of her infant.

    Tonya Nicole Brown, 25, was arrested on Thursday in Lexington after her newborn baby was found in a dumpster at Fairway Crossing near Exit 35 on Interstate 64 in Shelbyville.

  • Chef dishes it out

    Johnny Lewis is only 21 years old, but he is already well on his way to wowing the culinary world.

    Lewis began his career the day after graduating from the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan three years ago, going to work for the American Gill on Staten Island. A few months later, he landed a job as a line cook at the prestigious Tavern on the Green in Central Park in New York City, where he achieved the status of sous-chef within a year and a half.

  • Fire destroys house in Pleasureville

    Investigators are unsure of the cause of a fire that destroyed a Pleasureville home on Wednesday afternoon.

    No one was injured in the fire and no one was home when it began.

    At 1:21 p.m. 911-Dispatch received a call that smoke was coming from a house at 334 Banta Lane.

    Minutes later when Bagdad Assistant Fire Chief Mike Roberts arrived on the scene, flames were already shooting from the roof of the building.

    Roberts said while the cause of the fire is not known, most of the fire was in the second floor and the rear of the building.

  • Community shower celebrates 10 years

    Over the last 10 years, the annual Shelby County Community baby shower has helped hundreds of local women prepare for motherhood.

    And this year's event promises to be more of the same.

    Sarabeth Farabee, event organizer, said each year the shower helps a host of expecting and new mothers have healthy pregnancies, babies and families.

    Farabee said representatives from 25 community agencies will be on hand during the shower to help provide mothers with information that they will need before and after their baby is born.

  • Three injured in crash

    A local woman and two children were injured Thursday morning when the van the woman was driving overturned on Zaring Mill Road.

    According to Shelby County sheriff's deputy Riley Kennedy, when Elizabeth Moffett lost control of the van, the vehicle dropped off the pavement into a steep dropoff.

    "That caused it to flip, and then it just slid on its side," he said.

  • Ag divisions on Triple S agenda

    The next Triple S Planning and Zoning Commission meeting will be held at the Stratton Community Center on April 15.

    On the agenda are:

    * An agricultural plat of 13.8 acres at 191 Mudd Rd.

    * A final plat of 92.3 acres on Shelbyville Road at the Jefferson County line.

    * A final PUD of 14.4 acres at 819 Buckcreek Rd. in Simpsonville.

    * A preliminary PUD with waiver at 819 Buckcreek Rd. in Simpsonville. Proposed use: mini storage.

    * An agricultural division of 56.4 acres at 5119 Bagdad Rd.

    * An agricultural division of 72.7 acres on Cat Ridge Road.

  • Rainwater brings up sewage in Shelbyville

    The city of Shelbyville received some of the heaviest rain it has seen in years last week, causing serious floods -- and sometimes worse.

    Clear Creek completely flooded Elmo Head Park, located at the bottom of the hill at 4th and Bradshaw.

    With the sewage line under water, a stinking blend of toilet paper, excrement, condoms and the like bubbled up from manhole covers and floated into the stream. As the water receded, some of the mix was left strewn across the park to soak up the sun, giving off an unbearable stench.

  • Martinrea plans more layoffs

    Because of a downturn in the automotive industry, one of the county's largest employers has laid off 35 employees since the beginning of the year and is planning to lay off 45 to 55 more next month.

    Holly Sum, human resources manager for Martinrea Heavy Stamping in Shelbyville, said the company has notified the United Auto Workers union, which represents the workers, about the upcoming cuts.

    Over the next few weeks a union committee will determine who is cut based on who has the least amount of seniority and which positions are most needed at the plant, she said.

  • Working as a team

    The Louisville Metro Police Mounted Unit (LMMPU) held a demonstration at the Equestrian Lakes covered arena on Saturday, then let spectators greet their horses.

    After trotting the horses around to warm up, the officers explained the ongoing training that the horses go through.

    Through training, the officers said it is important to desensitize the horses to unpredictable noises and human behavior. To do this, the officers use a trash bag full of cans, which they toss around wildly.