Local News

  • What's bugging you? - Periodic cicadas swarming in the area

    The children Cathy Jamison baby-sits are afraid to go outside and play in the backyard. Inch-long bugs with bright red eyes are crawling up tree trunks by the hundreds and covering the children's toys with their winged, inch-long bodies.

    "They scare the kids," she said.

    Like a scene from a 1950s horror movie, insects by the tens of thousands are emerging from the ground and covering trees, homes and buildings. Local residents started seeing them last week.

  • Seniors rake in over $100k

    Going into the senior awards ceremony on Tuesday night, Kelly Hill thought she had little to no chance of winning a $20,000 college scholarship.

    Each year at ceremony, the winner of the year's Pflughaupt scholarship is announced. Hill, along with five other Shelby County High School seniors, was a finalist for the scholarship. Much to Hill's surprise and delight, she was named the winner of the scholarship. Hill, who plans to attend Miami (Ohio) University next year, will receive $5,000 a year for her college education.

  • Movies with a message - Local filmmaker tells positive stories

    It's not everyday that a movie is filmed in Shelby County. In fact, a major studio has yet to release a film made here.

    This is something that Jefferson Moore hopes to change.

    Moore, a Finchville resident, has been working on his latest movie for the last 10 months. It is his hope that the film will inspire audiences across the nation.

    The movie is entitled "Clancy," and it tells the story of how an abused runaway helps change the life a homeless Gulf War veteran.

  • County says no to Sunday alcohol sales

    Once again, the issue of Sunday alcohol sales in the county has been tapped out.

    The ordinance, which would have allowed liquor to be sold by the glass in county establishments on Sunday, did not pass a second reading on Tuesday at the meeting of the Shelby County Fiscal Court.

    Magistrates were split on the issue, with the vote 3-3. There are seven magistrates, but Allen Ruble recused himself from the vote on the grounds that he was strongly opposed to alcohol consumption.

  • Teachers request more money

    After receiving only the minimum yearly salary increase for next year, local public school teachers are asking for a raise.

    A representative from the Shelby County Educators Association made an appeal to the Shelby County Board of Education last Thursday night to give local teachers more than the state-mandated 1 percent salary increase.

  • Local woman missing since Sunday

    A Shelby County woman is still missing after a massive search has turned up no traces of her.

    Maj. Danny Goodwin with the Shelbyville Police Department, which is heading up the search, said Tuesday just before the newspaper went to press that police have "no clue" of the whereabouts of Maxine Ethington.

    "We have scoured every square inch of this county that I'm aware of, and we have absolutely no leads," he said.

  • Open arms

    Sixty seven.

    That's how many children have been cared for under Sue Newton's roof since 1996.

    It was 12 years ago when working in a school cafeteria that Sue Newton encountered a little girl who was a foster child. Newton said something drew her to the girl, and it was then that she realized she had work outside of the cafeteria to tend to.

  • Spare a buck?

    County firefighters are getting ready to begin collecting for the annual Crusade for Children fundraiser.

    Shelby County Firechief Bobby Cowherd said he hopes the event will take in as much as last year's total of $186,791. The Crusade, which was begun in 1954, is an annual telethon broadcast by WHAS-TV and WHAS-AM in Louisville. The telethon benefits a wide range of childrens' charities throughout Kentucky and southern Indiana.

  • Triple S to decide conditions for arena

    With Michael McIntosh's cutting horse arena plans approved, it appears the Kentucky Cutting Horse Association is likely to return to Shelby County. But the conditions for the permit will be decided at the Triple S Board of Adjustments and Appeals meeting on May 29.

    At its April 24 meeting, the board gave approval to Michael and Kelly McIntosh to move forward with plans for constructing a cutting horse arena on their farm, Rocky Fork Feeders, off of Dover Road. The arena would be offered as a venue capable of holding KCHA events.

  • Police searching for missing woman

    Local law enforcement and fire departments have sent out search teams in an attempt to locate a missing woman. They are asking anyone with information about this woman's whereabouts to call Shelby County Dispatch at 502-633-2323 or the Shelby County Police Department at 502-633-2336.

    The woman, Maxine Ethington, was last seen on Sunday, May 25, at about 8 p.m. She was driving a 2000 Grey or Silver Buick Sentry with Kentucky license 186BLY. The vehicle may have an old plate attached, KY 495-JYT and may possibly have damage to the left side of the car which has only three hubcaps.