Local News

  • County judge lifts burn ban

    After more than two months, Shelby County residents finally have the go ahead to burn debris outside.

    On Friday, Shelby County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger issued an executive order to lift the burn ban, which had been in effect throughout the county since September 13.

    Rothenburger cites lower temperatures and higher humidity levels coupled with adequate rainfall as determining factors in this decision, because these things have lessened the probability of large uncontrollable fires. 

  • Some Atmos customers remain without gas

    Atmos Energy said Monday afternoon that as of 60 to 80 homes in Shelby County remain without gas this morning after enduring frigid overnight temperatures without gas to heat their homes.

    An emergency shelter was set up at First Baptist Church in Shelbyville to handle the 750 residents who had no alternative against temperatures that dipped to 15 degrees overnight.

  • Weather doesn't slow Christmas parade

    Cold weather and a couple inches of snow couldn't stop the Santa and the Shelbyville Christmas parade Saturday, but it did shorten it a little.

    Parade officials decided to remove the walkers from the parade, but all the floats, officials and emergency vehicles still participated. And Santa Claus was on hand to make sure the children of Shelby County were filled with the Christmas spirit.

  • Woman admits stealing $650K from her company

     A Henry County woman admitted in Federal Court on Tuesday that she stole nearly $650,000 from a lending company in Shelbyville that she managed.

    Sandra Chilton, 46, of Turner’s Station, used her position with Pioneer Credit in Village Plaza to defraud the company of $648,225, she told U.S. District Judge Danny C. Reeves in Frankfort.

    She pleaded guilty to one count of wiring fraud, which means she used interstate wiring transactions to steal the money.

  • Judge sentences probation in Brown Avenue shooting

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  • Shelbyville moves ahead in study of pipeline

    The proposed water pipeline project that will connect Shelby County and Frankfort to the Louisville Water Company isn’t dried up yet.

    Shelbyville Municipal Water and Sewer Manager Tom Doyle Thursday told the Shelbyville City Council that a new grant will help lead the water company in the right direction for the future.

  • It’s official: JHS buys Diagnostic Imaging

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  • Triple S clears new cell phone towers

    The Triple S Planning Commission Tuesday cleared the way for two new cell phone towers in Shelby County, but not before the public had its say during the meeting.

    The Southville tower, to be built at 6596 Mt. Eden Road, caused the most intrigue from the community, but not much of a protest.

    New Cingular Wireless, the company building the towers, had asked for a 30-foot waiver on the setback from the neighboring property line, building the tower 170 feet from the adjoining property.

    The commission denied the request, saying it wasn't necessary.

  • News Briefs: Dec. 3, 2010

     Woman from Shelby runs

    for lieutenant governor

    A woman who says she was raised in Shelby County is part of an independent campaign for governor in 2011.

  • Council to hear water/sewer updates

    The Shelbyville City Council will have another brief meeting this week, with just two items scheduled on the agenda for Thursday's 6:30 p.m. meeting at City Hall.

    Tom Doyle, the manager of Shelbyville Municipal Water and Sewer, will give a report on the state of the department.

    Doyle said he would talk about the status of several projects the water department is currently developing, including the proposed Louisville-to-Frankfort water pipeline.