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  • Many reasons to be thankful

    Alyson Myatt still gets choked up when she talks about the night she ran barefoot through a burning house to rescue a 5-year-old boy.

    Though he is very young, Aden Gray Hawes already knows the meaning of trust more fully than most adults ever will.

    And you can’t imagine how much of that trust was at play last March, when Myatt dashed through flames and pulled Aden from his bedroom in the home owned by his guardian on Golden Rod Court in Shelbyville.

  • Warmer winters possible

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  • EARLIER: Left turn lane on bypass may get green arrow

    Although the topic was not on Tuesday’s agenda Shelby County Fiscal Court, the Shelbyville Bypass continued to dominate talk, even when finished.  “People have been calling me about intersections on the [Shelbyville] Bypass,” said magistrate Allen Ruble, amid nods of agreement from others.

  • Simpsonville wants to replace aging concession stand

     The Simpsonville Parks Department wants to build a new concession stand at its softball field, and it’s developing a plan to do so.

    Parks Commissioner Cary Vowels told the Simpsonville City Commission at its meeting Tuesday night that the board is working with the Whitney M. Young Jr. Job Corps Center to get assistance in constructing a new stand.

  • Her hope is everlasting

    After going through many rounds of chemotherapy treatment at Kosair Children’s Hospital and learning that she would indeed be home for Christmas, 4-year-old Hanna Evans thought about her new-found friends at the hospital, the ones who might not get to go home, and she decided they needed toys.

  • News Briefs: Nov. 12, 2010

    State’s revenues grew

    by 8.1 percent in October

    The state's General Fund tax receipts grew 8.1 percent in October compared to the same time last year. Total revenues for the month were $705.3 million. That compares to $652.4 million during October 2009.

    Receipts have now risen 5.3 percent for the first four months of the fiscal year.

  • Planning commission must approve new cell towers

    AT&T cell phone customers have been ecstatic over the past week or so with the addition of faster 3G cell phone and data service to the county, and they will likely continue to rave as the company begins to increase its presence.

    And as part of the process of installing the network, the Triple S Zoning Commission will hear public input on two new cell towers at Tuesday's meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Stratton Center.

    The towers are being applied for by New Cingular Wireless, which lists the same Louisville address as AT&T.

  • Celebration of Lights returns to Shelbyville

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  • Fire departments struggle to maintain volunteer numbers

    When a house catches on fire in Shelby County, odds are the folks arriving to fight the blaze are volunteers.

    And while local fire departments are holding their own in recruiting and retaining volunteers, it’s getting more and more difficult for them to maintain sufficient numbers to provide adequate service coverage.

    Of the half-dozen or so fire districts operating in Shelby County, all are dominated by volunteer participation and only one – the Shelbyville Fire Department – has any significant number of full-time firefighters on staff.

  • State balances budget by releasing inmates

    A program to release state inmates early from their jail terms as a money-saving mechanism is drawing strong criticism from officials in Shelby County.

    The early releases were implemented about a year ago as part of a plan to save the state the cost of housing prisoners, but the impact is that more criminals are being given leniency and a financial burden is being placed on local jails.