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  • News Briefs: March 3, 2010

     Schools facility committee meets Thursday

  • Ethingtons clean up some junk but not all of it

    Ethington Auto Sales has made progress in removing junked vehicles from its property on Midland Trail by its March 1 deadline, but the company continues to violate zoning regulations.

    Triple S Planning and Zoning issued letters in December, January and February warning that fines could be levied if the areas were not cleaned up dozens of junked cars, and Triple S Executive Director Ryan Libke said owner Donnie Ethington has asked for a 30-day extension because of the weather.

  • Snow forecasts: How deep will it get?

    Longtime Shelby Countians tell the story often and with the time-granted ability to smile and even chuckle:

    One night in January 1994, they went to bed after hearing that Shelby County would see snow flurries over night.

    They awakened the next morning to 17 inches. That was 16 years ago Saturday.

  • News Briefs: Feb, 26, 2009

     Simpsonville Commission

    holds special meeting

    The Simpsonville City Commission will conduct a special called meeting today at 4 p.m. to discuss the purchase or sale of property. City officials declined to elaborate on the specific property. The meeting will be held at city hall.


    ‘New Cool’ up for award

  • Aftershocks from Haiti

    Claire Miertschin, injured and in pain, kept vigil over her dying friend throughout what she told her family was the longest night of her life, as they slept in a field in Haiti after the earthquake had battered their bodies and throw their mission trip into disarray.

  • Magistrates promise to explore smoking ban

    Magistrates committed Tuesday to explore the issue of a smoking ban in Shelby County but set no timetable to do so.

    Shelby County Fiscal Court held a workshop at Stratton Center to hear discussion on an issue being pushed by a group called Make Shelbyville Restaurants Smoke Free.

  • School closing a quick call Thursday morning

    Many families awoke to quite a surprise Thursday morning when Shelby County Public Schools were canceled.

    With most of the worst snow and weather to the south and east of the county, there seemed little chance that Shelby County's kids would miss another day in the classroom.

    Shelby County Director of Student Accounting and Support Services Gary Kidwell said the decision had to be made quickly as the weather started to turn worse very early Thursday morning.

  • EARLIER: Wills: $720,000 = 9 months

    Jody Wills, the woman who admitted to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her employer, is in the Shelby County Detention Center today, serving a 9-month sentence for those crimes.

    Senior Judge Steve Mershon on Friday discarded the plea bargain that Wills accepted in December, ignored demands from prosecutors for a long sentence and accepted Wills’ teary plea for leniency.

  • Lust, lies, larceny: The Jody Wills Story

    In 1998, attorney Mark Dean opened a law office in Shelbyville, and Jody Wills, 23, the new mother of an infant son, left her job as a teller at Citizens Union Bank to be his office manager.

    She immediately won Dean’s trust, admiration and his affection. For seven years she was his aide de camp, bookkeeper and – ultimately – his lover.

  • Smoking group gets time at Fiscal Court workshop

    The Make Shelbyville Restaurants Smoke Free group has taken the Shelbyville City Counci'ls suggestion and requested and received an audience with Shelby County Fiscal Court.

    Fiscal Court has scheduled a workshop on Feb. 23 to hear Vladi Gomelsky’s presentation, about a month after Gomelsky spoke to the city council.

    Shelby County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger said Fiscal Court put the presentation in a workshop because of the informal setting.