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  • Simpsonville still waiting on sidewalk money

    The city of Simpsonville is waiting on the wheels of government to continue their slow turn before they can get started on the sidewalk phase of their town center project.

    If you recall, the city received a matching federal stimulus grant that would fund building new sidewalks on the south side of U.S. 60 through the core of the city.

  • City council to decide on water development charge

    Shelbyville City Council will decide Thursday whether or not to raise System Development Charges for the Shelbyville Municipal Water and Sewer Commission.

    The council heard a first reading at the April 1 meeting of an ordinance from the commission’s manager, Tom Doyle, that would raise water rates for new developments, keeping the burden of costs off existing customers.

    This is the first change in development charges since 2003, and if approved, they would go into effect on May 1.

  • News Briefs: April 14, 2010

    Shelbyville rewards hero

    Shelbyville Mayor Tom Hardesty honored Teresa Evans as an Ambassador of Shelbyville for going above and beyond the call of duty last month.

    Evans, who declined to be interviewed, saw a person steal the Children's Miracle Network money off the counter at Speedway in Shelbyville, followed that person and contacted the police so the suspect could be arrested.

  • Shelbyville clean-up starts Monday

    If you’ve been looking to get rid of that old fridge or that worn out plaid recliner taking up space in the basement, now’s your chance -- at least in Shelbyville.

    Shelbyville’s Public Works Department will be offering pickup service for the city’s citizens all next week.

  • 9-year-old dives in to save little sister from drowning

    A peaceful Sunday afternoon at Lake Shelby nearly turned into a tragedy for the Hernandez family.

    When 6-year-old Gabriella Hernandez fell into the water as she and her sister were playing near the dam, 9-year Isabella didn’t hesitate, her mother said.

  • EARLIER: Junk yard slips through the cracks

    For years people have wondered about the junk piled up at 546 Burks Branch Road, just north of the 4-way stop where 7th Street meets Eminence Pike, and as it turns out, that junk should have been cleaned up years ago.

    In June 2005 former code enforcement officer Joanne Bemiss alerted property owner Arthur Gerald Butler that he was in violation of a zoning codes for having an illegal junkyard in an area zoned commercial.

  • Warrant issued for junkyard owner

    The junk piled up at 546 Burks Branch Road may not be cleaned up for a while longer.

    On Thursday a warrant was issued for the arrest of its owner, Arthur Gerald Butler, who has been in violation of zoning codes for having an illegal junkyard in a commercial area since 2005.

  • News Briefs: April 9, 2010

    Scout finance campaign kicks off

    David Bowling, Friends of Scouting Chair for Shelby County, says a campaign to raise money for scouting in the county will kickoff at 11:30 Tuesday with a luncheon at the Waldridge Center.

    Former Kentucky basketball star and current radio commentator Mike Pratt will be the guest speaker.

  • Ethington Auto clears out junk

    Donnie Ethington said he has cleared 185 cars of the Ethington Auto Sales property on Midland Trail, and he hopes that’s enough.

    According to Ryan Libke, the Triple S Planning and Zoning executive director, the car lot is in the clear.

    Triple S had been after Ethington Auto Sales since late last year to clean up two lots full of junk cars, which by zoning rules defined the car lot as a junkyard.

  • ALSO: Nanny gets $20,000 from Ellen

    Alyson Myatt, a Shelbyville nanny who has been hailed a hero after running through flames to save a 5-year-old from a burning house, received $20,000 from Ellen DeGeneres and a cruise from a company sponsor during an appearance on the television show Thursday.