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  • Shelby wet and mostly mild

    The rains came down and the floods came up in Shelby County this weekend, but the houses upon the rocks stood firm.

    For the most part, that sums up the impact locally of the flooding rains that caused death and calamity across Kentucky and other Southern states this past weekend.

    Shelby County was drenched with nearly five inches of rain, but the greatest problem was closed roads, limited access and houses that became castles for their residents.

  • Investigation of fire involving nanny's rescue is closed

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  • Schools could OK energy job


  • News Briefs: May 12, 2009

     Democratic gathering tonight

    The Shelby County Democratic Party will have its annual Jefferson-Jackson Day event at 6 p.m. today at Science Hill Inn in Shelbyville. U.S. Senate candidate Jack Conway and a representative of candidate Dan Mongiardo are expected to attend, among other candidates. Members of the Democratic Party are invited to attend.


    Multi-Purpose seeks board members

  • Little boy from fire to remain with foster father

    In an ongoing custody battle for the little boy saved from a burning house by his nanny, a Shelby Family Court Judge has granted sole custody to J.B. Hawes, the man who has raised the boy from infancy.

    Judge John David Myles has also ordered that the mother, Dazurae White Blankenship shall be granted visitation, and she is also ordered to pay child support to Hawes.

    Aden Allen Hawes is 5 years old and has remained with Hawes throughout the process.

  • Voting officials ready for election 2010
  • One more week to campaign

    With less than a week to go before the Primary Election, Shelby County candidates say they are  on the campaign trail hard and fast and will be up until voting on May 18.

    For example, John Lewis, a Democratic magisterial candidate in District 4, said he is still going door to door, as are many others.

  • Women’s health event returns next week

    Down the elevator, through a long hall and three doors, in the bowels of Shelbyville Jewish Hospital is the nerve center for the preparations of the Women’s Wellness Affair.

    Committee members are busily checking in silent auction items and completing the details for the event, which will be Tuesday at Claudia Sanders Dinner House.  

  • News Briefs: May 7, 2009


    Schools set committee

    to name its facilities

  • No standing by on sidewalk repair

    The City of Shelbyville is still hoping residents will fix the sidewalks in front of their homes, rental properties and businesses instead of forcing the city to take action.

    Mayor Tom Hardesty had wanted to begin taking care of the problem areas by now, but he said the city is running behind.

    “We want to give people at least 30 days after they receive a letter to get things in order,” he said.