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  • Shelburne steps down from Simpsonville Commission

     After winning her seat on the Simpsonville City Commission by one vote, Dottie Shelburne has decided to step down from office.

    Shelburne beat out fellow incumbent Cary Vowels 339 to 340 votes this past November in an election that was tainted when non-city residents voted in the race.

    Shelburne said she has informed the commission of her decision to step down.

    But her resignation has some string attached.

    She told the commission that she would only step down if they promised her that they would appoint Cary Vowels to her seat.

  • Simpsonville Commission chooses Vowels

    Simpsonville voters will never know who actually won the 2008 race for the city commission.

    But as of Tuesday night, the four seats on the city's governing body have been completed, and the commissioners have been sworn in.

    At Tuesday's commission meeting, Mayor Steve Eden announced that Dottie Shelburne had resigned from her seat on the commission.

    In November, Shelburne beat out fellow incumbent Cary Vowels by one vote, 340-339, in an election that was tainted when non-city residents voted in the race.

  • Animal shelter to get new truck

    Shelby County Animal Shelter officials were elated to learn they were getting a new truck, because the shelter's two existing vehicle's have gone to the dogs.

    “Both of them have almost 150,000 miles on them,” Animal Control Officer James Collins said.

    The Shelby County Fiscal Court approved the purchase of the new F-150 Ford pickup truck at $16,304, which includes a bed liner and topper, from O'Brian Ford Mercury.

    Rusty Newton, acting Animal Control Director, said the new truck will be an asset to the shelter.

  • Farmers say cigarette tax not best way to cover budget shortfall

    With the state facing a budget shortfall of $456 million by the end of June, Gov. Steve Beshear's plan to raise the cigarette tax is getting a better reception among lawmakers this year than it did last year.

    But local farmers and farm organizations said the plan to raise the state tax on cigarettes to a buck a pack will not yield the revenue stream the Governor envisions and will hurt a critical ag industry.

  • Homeowner awaits variance before moving house

    Eyesore. Public safety problem. Unsafe Structure.

    These are a few of the complaints that have been called in by citizens of Shelbyville to the Triple S Planning Commission in regards to the house at the corner of Webbmont Circle and US 60.

    For several months, the house has been resting several feet in the air on wooden timbers and leaning against phone lines.

  • Pea Ridge fire destroys home

    No one was injured in a house fire that destroyed a home near Mount Eden last Friday afternoon.

    Robert and Susan Jackey and their two children were not at home when the fire broke out at their residence at 2709 Pea Ridge Road, near Mount Eden.

    State Fire Marshall Rob Goodwin, who is heading up the investigation into what caused the fire, said he doesn't expect to have any answers until the end of the week at least.

  • ESPN covers rivalry from Waddy

    ESPN The Magazine came to Heritage Elementary School on Monday to ask students the question that has caused bar-room brawls and split homes across Kentucky since basketball became the state's official religion: Do you cheer for the Cats or the Cards?

     Heritage, which is located in Waddy, was chosen for the segment because of its central location between Lexington and Louisville.

  • Jailed minister confesses to being HIV positive

    A minister of a Shelbyville church who was arrested and charged with sodomy and  sexual abuse of a juvenile confessed to having unprotected sex with a 15-year-old while knowing that he was HIV postive, according to court records.

  • Shelby County Fire Department gets 2 new trucks, stations; Simsponville FD expanding, too

    The Shelby County Fire District has two newly arrived fire trucks, both pumpers.

     "That means they carry everything that we need right on the truck," Fire Chief bobby Cowherd said. "Hoses, water, other equipment-the whole works."

    Cowherd said he's not sure where the two new trucks, which cost $312,000 each, will be housed yet.

    "We will just use them where ever we need them," he said.

  • Operation Care director robbed after taking Christmas gifts out of car

    After a heart-warming evening of holiday cheer at a special event, a local woman experienced a moment of terror after being robbed while delivering food and gifts donated to Operation Care.

    Judy Roberts, executive director of Operation Care, was robbed Dec. 21 of her purse and several pieces equipment belonging to the organization, including a digital camera, two computer flash drives, and several other items essential to Operation Care, she said.