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  • EARLIER: Duckett case: No killer, no leads

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  • It's time to light up downtown Shelbyville

    From wandering carolers to horse-drawn carriage rides, the annual Celebration of Lights kicks off the holiday season in downtown Shelbyville on Saturday.

    "It's the perfect time for families to get out and roam the streets and go into shops and start their holiday festivities," organizer Harriet Massey said. "The weather's going to be pretty, and we're going to have a great time."

  • County gets $222,000-plus Homeland Security grant

    Shelby County officials learned last week that they had been awarded a Homeland Security Grant of $222,918.

    The money will be used to complete for new electronic equipment, including three receivers, three microwave links and the construction of a tower, which will improve communications for first responders in the county and surrounding areas.

    Emergency Management Director Charlie Frazee said these communications upgrades would improve reception greatly.

  • News Briefs: Nov. 6, 2009

     Women’s network to hold  

     first event in Shelby Nov. 14

  • $47k given in Partnership Grants

    The Shelby County Community Foundation presented its annual Partnership Grants on Monday night at Citizens Union Bank in Shelbyville.

    The public charity was able to distribute approximately $47,000 to organizations that benefit the community. Representatives from the 27 organizations that applied for grant funds showed up, and five were pleasantly surprised to learn that they would receive some of the money.

    The grants were:

  • County to design new Web site

    For anymore who has experienced frustration at not being able to access links to county agencies on the county's Web site, there's good news and bad news.

    The good news is that plans are in the works to address this issue.

    The bad news is that it won't be done until the summer of 2010.

    The problem with www.sheblycountykentucky.com is browser-related, Shelby County Human Resources Director Gail Renfro said.

    "When we set up our Web site, we set it up for Internet Explorer, because everybody had Internet Explorer," she said.

  • New courtyard to be built on west side of courthouse

     Shelby County Fiscal Court on Tuesday approved two new sidewalk projects, one at the courthouse and the other on Hospital Drive.

  • County takes over incomplete roads

    Some county residents who live on unfinished county roads won't have to worry about being snow- or ice-bound this winter.

    Streets in three uncompleted subdivisions will be finished off by the county before winter arrives, Shelby County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger said.

    And that's important, because until the streets are finished, county road workers can't enter them to remove snow and ice and do preliminary winter treatments.

  • New fire station will double as additional voting precinct location

    Voters in the northern part of the county soon will have a new voting location.

    Shelby County Fiscal Court voted Tuesday to make a new county fire station handicap accessible, which would qualify the site to act as a suitable location for a voting precinct.

    Station 5 at 7370 LaGrange Road, with its 6,000 square feet, would become the new location for voting precinct E-102, which had been located at West Middle School.

  • Saving lives, saving dollars