Local News

  • EARLIER: Triple S tells businesses to clean up the junk

    There may not a problem with junkyards in Shelby County in general, but residents tend to prefer there not be one in the middle of town.   

    That's why the Triple S Planning and Zoning Commission has sent letters demanding that the owners of two properties on Midland Trail clean up their junk yards.

    Triple S Executive Director Ryan Libke said letters were sent Dec. 10 to Ethington Auto Sales and Ethington Brothers Inc., stating that their properties on the Shelbyville's West End violated county zoning laws.

  • EARLIER: Smoking request snuffed out for now

    Just putting smoking restrictions on the Shelbyville City Council's agenda brought residents out in force.

    Mayor Tom Hardesty even had to bring more chairs in to accommodate about 50 or more people who wanted to be heard on a request by the “Make Shelbyville Restaurants Smoke-Free” Facebook group, and he moved the request to speak up near the top of the agenda.

    Both sides came out ready to defend their positions Thursday, but in the end the council took no action, and there are no plans to have it on a later agenda.

  • Shelbyville may pursue reimbursement for clean-up costs

    Shelbyville officials may take a bold step in trying to recoup the money taxpayers spend to clean up some problems caused by others.

    At its next meeting on Feb. 18, the Shelbyville City Council will hear discussion about – and possibly a proposal for – a new ordinance that would allow the city to recoup its costs for cleaning up accidents involving visitors to the county.

  • Event to raise cash to fund Shelby room at Kosair

    When Ashlee Bush, 21, of Finchville was born at the astonishingly tiny size of 1 pound and 9 ounces, her parents did not know if she would survive.

    But thanks to the efforts of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Kosair Hospital, Ashlee today is a normal, beautiful young lady.

  • News Briefs: Feb, 5, 2009

     Boards to meet to adopt common standards

    That key meeting of the Kentucky Board of Education, the Council on Postsecondary Education and the Education Professional Standards Board to adopt a resolution for new joint standards will be Wednesday in Versailles.

  • City council OKs adding last of Clubhouse Drive

    Attorney Mark Dean returned to the Shelbyville City Council on Thursday night and closed the deal on getting the last stretch of Clubhouse Drive annexed into the city.

    Dean, representing the developers who are per se the homeowners association for Fairway Crossings, had asked the city to take over the last 863 feet of the street.

  • Schools closed under heavy snowfall

      Shelby County public and private schools are closed today because of the 3 to 4 inches of snow thta has pelted Shelby County since midnight. Cornerstone Christian Academy, Our Lady of Guadalupe/Corpus Christi High School and the Shelby County campus of Jefferson Community and Technical College all are closed. Temperatures are expected to plummet today, causing roads that had been treated to refreeze.

  • News Briefs: Feb, 3, 2009

     Anti-bullying, school violence program  set for  Feb. 12

  • Committee looking to extend city's sidewalks

    Shelbyville is hoping to help residents better navigate the city on foot.

    The recently completed East End Study put a big focus on better sidewalks throughout shopping and dining areas and connecting with the county's parks system, but that project is a long-term one.

    So instead of relying and on those ideas and focusing solely on the East End, Shelbyville Mayor Tom Hardesty said is looking to improve sidewalks throughout the city by developing a master plan.

  • Simpsonville picks engineer for sidewalks

    The Simpsonville City Commission has taken its first action to initiate the construction of tony new sidewalks for its downtown corridor.

    Just a few weeks after being granted a $320,000 federal matching stimulus grant to build the sidewalks, city commissioners on Wednesday selected American Engineers Inc. (AEI) to be the project engineer.