Local News

  • News briefs: May 27, 2011

    Recanvass confirms

    Johnson is nominee

    The recanvass of all ballots cast and voting machines of each precinct in the state have confirmed that Bill Johnson is the Republican nominee for Secretary of State.

    Shortly after the recount, Hilda Legg conceded the race.

    The recount increased Johnson’s overall vote count from 66,439 to 66,444 and increased Legg’s from 65,325 to 65,336.

    In Shelby County, there was no change, with Johnson winning, 991-880.

  • EARLIER: City property owners get ready: Sidewalk letters are coming

    As the calendar looks to turn toward summer, the City of Shelbyville is turning up the heat on property owners whose sidewalks in disrepair.

    The project has been resurrected after a wet spring that left the Public Works Department a little behind in marking the areas between 1st and 11th streets and Henry Clay and Washington streets that will need to be repaired.

  • EARLIER: Final time is something new for Pflughaupt Scholarship

    This year's Pflughaupt Scholarship winner will be like many of the past – intelligent, driven and involved – but they likely won't be forgotten.

    What makes this group standout?

    "We're all girls," Britt Mahan said plainly.

    Of course there's more than that, but at quick glance it's the first difference seen between this year's group and 16 previous factions.

  • School board gets second look at its budget

    The Shelby County Board of Education will take the next step in the 2011-12 budget process by voting on the tentative budget at its meeting Thursday.

    Superintendent James Neihof told the board May 12 that the budget is balanced but implied that it is tight and that some decisions are still left to be made, including salary increases.

    As of now, he told them, there are no salary increases included, but that could change.

    Neihof told the board that there are “some options” he would present to them that do include salary increases.

  • News briefs: May 25, 2011

    State employees face

    final furlough Friday

  • EARLIER: Income infusion: Shelby to house Anderson inmates

    LAWRENCEBURG – Franklin County’s loss will be Shelby County’s gain.

    Starting in July, Anderson County’s inmates will be jailed in Shelby County, pending approval of the Anderson County Fiscal Court and a contract with the Shelby County Detention Center.

    Anderson County Judge-Executive John Wayne Conway confirmed the switch, which comes on the heels of comments earlier this year about the treatment Anderson’s jailer and police agencies have received from Franklin County Jailer Billy Roberts.

  • Shelby man jailed for beating woman

    A Shelbyville man is behind bars charged with viciously beating a woman during a break-in.

    Darrell A. Walker, 48, of 83 Apple Tree Way in Shelbyville, is charged with first-degree burglary and second-degree assault in connection with an incident that happened early Sunday morning.

    Shelbyville Police say that about 6 o’clock Walker forced his way into an apartment on Berea Street and awakened the resident, Shanacey Dixon, and her companion, Quincey Griffon of Lexington.

  • Shelby man arrested for having drugs, birds

    State police officers, acting on a tip, raided a home in Shelbyville recently where they seized drugs, money and weapons, but some dead birds they found may wind up causing even more problems for the resident.

    Gregory Wood, 43, of 523 Creekside Drive in Shelbyville was arrested May 11 by Kentucky State Police, who charged him with trafficking in marijuana.

    And when troopers found six dead quail at his residence, they called in agents from Fish and Wildlife, who charged him with killing the birds out of season, which can have even more serious implications.

  • Shelby escapes surge of tornadoes

    Tornadic weather calmed sufficiently on its surge across Southern Indiana, and Shelby County was spared sirens from the front that passed Wednesday night.

    As Southern and central Indiana was pounded with tornadoes and warnings, residents were preparing for the worst. But coolling temperatures and slightly slower winds left the county facing only a pounding "gust front" and the heavy rains, lightning and thunder.

    Some trees were down, but there have been no reports of power outages.

    There's a 70 percent chance of more rain today.

  • Brett Guthrie sounds off about fuel prices

    U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie (R-Bowling Green) set out Friday for the Masonic Home in Shelbyville to give a short discussion to seniors about health care and legislative issues.
    His presentation included a colorful pie chart of the national budget deficit, but when he opened the floor to questions, he was surprised to find that seniors had more on their minds than Medicare issues.
    They wanted to know what was up with rising gas prices.
    One woman suggested dropping gas prices back down to what it was when she was raising a family, 27 cents per gallon.