Local News

  • EARLIER: Wesley Apartments to be demolished for bypass commerce

    As construction of the Shelbyville Bypass progresses toward completion in 2010, one adjacent property is preparing to have changes of its own.  

    The area surrounding Wesley Apartments, perhaps Shelbyville's oldest complex, has been rezoned, clearing it to be redeveloped for commercial business.  

  • EARLIER: Triple S OKs changes for Harley, Wesley, Simpsonville

    In a special meeting Tuesday to observe findings of fact and transcript for five zone changes made in the last month, Triple S Planning Commission needed only minutes to make their approval of each.

    "In accordance of our zoning regulations, the commission is required to create a findings of facts and OK it, and the same with the transcripts created from the meetings,” Triple S Executive Director Ryan Libke said.

  • EARLIER: Shelby schools leery of state’s budget cut

    Kentucky schools have faced budget cuts consistently in recent years, and on Monday the Kentucky Department of Education informed superintendents around the Commonwealth that another $20 million could be cut from this fiscal year.

    Budgets are still being reviewed, but these potential cuts would fit with Gov. Steve Beshear's plan to reduce state spending by 6 percent.

    If the cuts are made, they would impact 32 programs, such as gifted and talented programs.

  • Harley-Davidson's announcement


    Major Restructuring, Including New Labor Agreement, Provides Path to Significant Gains in Cost-Competitiveness, Flexibility, Efficiency

  • EARLIER: Triple S approves Simpsonville village center zoning classification

    Triple S Planning and Zoning approved Tuesday a text amendment and zone change to 31 properties in Simpsonville, paving the way for the future Village Center image the city has prepared.

    Simpsonville leaders and residents spent much of 2009 meeting and developing an image for their city.

    Working with HNTB Corporation's Louisville office, they created a unique plan for future downtown Simpsonville development, which they branded "Village Center at Simpsonville."

  • EARLIER: Health department sees continued demand for H1N1 vaccinations

    Tracy Noonan and her five children, ages 3 to 16, stood at the end of a line 50 deep outside the Shelby County Health Department at noon Friday.

    The H1N1 mass vaccination free clinic had just opened its doors, and Noonan had taken her older children out of school in hopes of inoculation. She had come up short during two prior clinics.

  • EARLIER: Charges now total 39 in law office case

    A Shelby County woman was arraigned Wednesday on 19 counts of theft by deception in a criminal case that began last year.

    The 19 charges are in addition to about 20 similar charges that Jody Wills incurred after she was arrested in September 2008 on theft-related charges connected with alleged embezzlement of funds from her former employer, attorney Mark Dean.

  • EARLIER: Community uncrosses its fingers as Harley deal falls through

    Though disappointed the company's announcements, Harley-Davidson enthusiasts in Shelby County said Thursday they hope the attention garnered these past several months will hold promise for the county down the line.

    "Maybe it will have other businesses looking at us in the future," said Bill Hisle, avid cyclist and co-owner of Cattleman's Road House. "It's nice that they gave us a shot."

  • Wills offered plea agreement

    Jody Wills, a Shelby County woman charged with embezzling $600,000 of escrow accounts from her employer, has been offered a plea agreement by prosecutors. Wills is schedu

  • County takes steps to help businesses

    Fiscal Court took several steps Tuesday night to help business development, and some of them turned out not to be necessary.

    In an attempt to keep another local business from going under, magistrates voted to participate in an incentive plan offered by the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development for Macro Plastics Manufacturing Company (See Business, Section B).