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  • Exreme Makeover Home Edition wants you

     “Driver, move that bus!”

  • Fiscal Court approves overlay district

    The Shelby County Fiscal Court approved a second reading Tuesday for an ordinance that will establish a Building Exterior Quality Design Overlay District.

    "What that means is that anyone who lives on Frankfort Road from Marsh Mobile Home Park out to the high school who wants to do any building will now have to submit exterior design specifications to planning and zoning," Shelby County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger said.

  • School closed again on Wednesday

    School officials announced Tuesday afternoon that they would be closed again today.

    "We put some people out on the roads to take a look at them and make a determination on that," said Gary Kidwell, Director of Student Accounting and Support Services.

    At Thursday's school board meeting the board approved a change to the calendar, moving the end of school back from May 28 to June 3. However with Tuesday being out it would move to June 4.

  • News Briefs: Feb, 12, 2009

     Holiday closings

    Presidents Day will be celebrated Monday. All schools, government offices, post offices and banks will be closed. The Sentinel-News will be closed, too.


    Rescheduled events:

  • Icy treachery for traffic

    Shelby County looked more like tundra than bluegrass Tuesday morning, with cars stuck everywhere, wheels spinning on glassy roadways and students getting a day at home.

    "It was terrible," Simpsonville Police Chief Scott Chappell said. "We had cars stuck everywhere, and even a guy who went over a guard rail and flipped over."

  • News Briefs: Feb, 10, 2009

    Rescheduled events: The Shelbyville/Shelby County Parks Board meeting has been  rescheduled for 7 p.m.

  • School bus accident sends 3 students to hospital

    Three students were hospitalized Thursday morning after a Shelby County school bus hit a guardrail as it negotiated a turn on its way to school.

    The accident happened as the driver was pulling out from Hempridge Road onto U.S. 60 heading west toward west and caught the rear bumper of the bus on the guardrail.

  • EARLIER: Triple S tells businesses to clean up the junk

    There may not a problem with junkyards in Shelby County in general, but residents tend to prefer there not be one in the middle of town.   

    That's why the Triple S Planning and Zoning Commission has sent letters demanding that the owners of two properties on Midland Trail clean up their junk yards.

    Triple S Executive Director Ryan Libke said letters were sent Dec. 10 to Ethington Auto Sales and Ethington Brothers Inc., stating that their properties on the Shelbyville's West End violated county zoning laws.

  • EARLIER: Smoking request snuffed out for now

    Just putting smoking restrictions on the Shelbyville City Council's agenda brought residents out in force.

    Mayor Tom Hardesty even had to bring more chairs in to accommodate about 50 or more people who wanted to be heard on a request by the “Make Shelbyville Restaurants Smoke-Free” Facebook group, and he moved the request to speak up near the top of the agenda.

    Both sides came out ready to defend their positions Thursday, but in the end the council took no action, and there are no plans to have it on a later agenda.

  • Shelbyville may pursue reimbursement for clean-up costs

    Shelbyville officials may take a bold step in trying to recoup the money taxpayers spend to clean up some problems caused by others.

    At its next meeting on Feb. 18, the Shelbyville City Council will hear discussion about – and possibly a proposal for – a new ordinance that would allow the city to recoup its costs for cleaning up accidents involving visitors to the county.