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  • EARLIER: Running to the aid of the Browns

    Shelby Countians often have proven they have soft spots for their own.
    They have been quick to praise when it’s deserved and even quicker to help when duty calls, and that’s never been more evident than this holiday season.
    With Christmas shopping, parties and events dotting a hectic week, several Shelby Countians are showing new levels of support in their efforts to assist the Brown family, who lost their daughter and their home to a fire early Sunday morning in Waddy.

  • EARLIER: Shelby Energy to seek nominations for board opening

    Shelby Energy Cooperative, under fire for a lack of transparency by its board and how it handles vacancies through appointments and elections, now seems to be responding to members' concerns and opening up that process.


    When Joe Butler resigned from the board in July after 47 years of service, he left with a full 3-year term still in front of him. Because Butler had been re-elected in June, the board has the right to appoint a member in his place.


  • Winter storm closes Shelby County schools on Monday

    Shelby County Public Schools will be closed on Monday, as snow continues to pound down on the county on Sunday night, blanketing streets with about two inches of powder that sometimes was atop a layer of ice.

    Even as SCPS officals spent Sunday evening evaluating roads,  residents reported drifting snow and icy conditions around the county and in surrounding areas.

  • News Briefs: Dec. 12 2010

    There will be school

    now on March 2

  • Man's standoff with police ends in peaceful surrender

    A quiet neighborhood just east of Shelbyville was shut down by a swarm of police officers Thursday, when a man barricaded himself in his house and threatened to do harm to police and himself.

    William Cain, 56, surrendered peacefully to Kentucky State Police shortly before 2 p.m. some five hours after his wife had called 911, summoning police to their home on Frankfort Road, near Shelby County High School.

    Police declined to name the suspect, because he was taken into custody for evaluation of mental issues, but neighbors confirmed he was Cain.

  • EARLIER: Atmos: No reason for loss of pressure

    Atmos Energy officials haven’t yet been able to explain exactly why 750 customers north of Shelbyville lost service on Monday night, leaving hundreds to fight 15-degree temperatures without heat in their homes.

    About 80 of those customers remained without gas service Tuesday afternoon, though each affected home had been contacted and was awaiting a resident to be home for reconnection, a company official said.

  • Shelby Energy submits its responses


    A group of concerned citizens and shareholders is starting to see what it perceives as advancements in its battle for transparency with Shelby Energy Cooperative.

    The co-op recently released written answers to questions posed to the board on Nov. 18, and on the heels of the board’s decision to accept nominations for its vacancy, the group seems to be placated for now.

  • School board to take up items it had rejected

    The Shelby County Board of Education will again try to find common ground with the district staff on academic honors recognition and booster club participation when they meet Thursday at 7 p.m. at East Middle School.

  • EARLIER: Rolling Ridge to elect new officers


    Residents in the Rolling Ridge development in Simpsonville who had been wanting more transparency from their homeowners association are about to take a big step toward getting that wish.

    The association has called a meeting for Jan. 6 to elect a new slate of officers, replacing the leadership that has been in place for five years under the embattled presidency of Bruce Irvin.

  • Montell files education bills, 1 that is tied to candidate's firm

    Rep. Brad Montell (R-Shelbyville) has been busy preparing for the 2011 General Assembly.

    Montell already has pre-filled four bills and said he is a co-sponsor on a fifth one.

    Again Montell has a heavy focus on education in his bills, including another charter schools bill he plans to pre-file later this week. His charter schools bill failed to gain sufficient support earlier this year.