Local News

  • News Briefs: Nov. 5, 2010

     Free flu shot clinic

    to be held Tuesday

    The North Central District Health Department in Shelbyville will conduct a free flu shot event Tuesday at the Family Activity Center in Clear Creek Park. The event will be from 5 to 7 p.m. Shots are restricted to adults 18 and older. If you have questions, contact the department at 633-1243.

  • Breaking NewsBypass is now open

     State transportation officials removed the final barricade from the Shelbyville Bypass at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon, opening Freedom Way as a thoroughare.

    Cars first entered the bypass from Harrington Mill, La Grange and Burks Branch Road. Then the Emiinence Pike entrance opened, allowing the first cars to drive the full length of the road.

  • Fugitive arrested in shooting of Shelby man

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  • Shelbyville gets grant to test porous concrete

    If you pass through Shelbyville during a rainstorm sometime soon and think you see water running through concrete, you might be right.

    City Engineer and Public Works Director Jennifer Herrell told the city council Thursday night that she had been successful in landing three grants from the state for $24,000 to develop new methods for handling storm-water runoff.

  • News Briefs: Nov. 3, 2010

     Special school board

    meeting to be Thursday

    The Shelby County School Board will have a special called meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday for a working session to hear reports from Shelby County High School, Collins High School and The Education Center @ Cropper.

    The session is the third of three to hear reports and improvement plans and goals from each school in the district.

  • It's official: Bypass to open today

     The Shelbyville Bypass, nearly 4.5 years under construction, will get its long-awaited and much-delayed debut on Wednesday, when the road opens to its first legal driver.

    There is one caveat: Traffic signals have to be checked to ensure they are functional.

    But Transportation Cabinet spokesperson Andrea Clifford said there is a 'ninety percent chance" the roadway will open.

  • Breaking NewsHornback wins state Senate seat

    Republican Paul Hornback stormed to an early lead in the race for the 20th District State Senate seat and routed Democrat David Eaton to win the 20th District state Senate seat.

    Hornback received 59.4 percent of the vote in Shelby, nearly two-thirds in Spencer and about 55 percent in Bullitt County, which has more registered voters that both other counties in the district.

  • EARLIER: There's a trick to Halloween this year

    When you start to get older, sometimes it's hard to tell just when the good ol' days ended.

    But on occasion, there's an ordinance to remind you.

    Gone are the days when kids would wait eagerly for dark to don their vampire and ghost costumes and then hit the streets to canvas the neighborhood for candy. Staying out until porch lights were turned off, signaling houses were out of candy, or just simply until they ready for bed.

  • EARLIER: Another mess for the bypass

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  • News Briefs: Oct. 29, 2010

    I 64 lane closures Monday through Thursday

    Lane closures are scheduled 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday through Thursday as part of the road-widening project between the Jefferson/Shelby County line and Simpsonville.


     McConnell here for GOP rally Saturday