Local News

  • State audit: County Clerk's tag renewal process inappropriate

     A procedural issue with how the Shelby County Clerk’s office collects fees for automobile registrations has failed a state audit and has been referred to the Attorney General’s office for legal review.

    Auditors for State Auditor Crit Luallen said County Clerk Sue Carole Perry’s office has been allowing people who owe delinquent auto taxes to renew their registrations without first paying those taxes, and they say that the frequency of these exchanges was why they turned over the matter to law enforcement.

  • Bad weather predicted for weekend

    Officials are preparing for some inclement weather that is expected to blow in after midnight tonight.

    Shelby County Road Supervisor Carl Henry said his crews are out today, putting down a mixture of salt brine on county roads.

  • It’s time to be deer-leery

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  • News Briefs: Dec. 1, 2010

    I-64 lane, ramp

    closed tonight

    The Department of Highways District 5 office announces the temporary closure of the right lane on eastbound Interstate 64 at the bridge over Norfolk Railroad (mile point 27.2) in Shelby County as part of the I-64 widening project.  This lane closure is scheduled from 7 tonight until 6 a.m. Thursday.

  • City council hears snow removal plans

    After canceling its meeting for Nov. 4 because of a lack of agenda items, the Shelbyville City Council undertook a short agenda on Thursday.


    And even though temperatures have been in the mid-70s this week, a primary topic was the city's preparations for the inclement weather sure to come this winter.


    City Engineer/Public Works Director Jennifer Herrell provided the council with a copy of the department’s winter plan, which includes the snow and ice removal schedule.


  • Simpsonville looks to clear streets before snow


  • EARLIER: Shelby Energy customers: We aren’t getting answers


    Shelby Energy Cooperative continues to draw the ire of several long-time customers who primarily are concerned with the company’s board of directors and how it functions.

    Shelby County residents Albert Moffett and Dr. Carlen Pippin have become the unofficial spokesmen for a group of customers that want to see more transparency from the board, including published agendas and minutes from the board’s meetings.

  • Finchville man dies when car strikes truck

    A Finchville man was killed Monday morning when the car he was driving smashed into a concrete truck on Mount Washington Road in Spencer County.

    Samuel C. Wantye, 21, was pronounced dead at the scene as the result of injuries sustained in the accident, which occurred shortly before 11 a.m. at the intersection of Mount Washington and KY 1633.

  • New weather station placed in Shelby

    If you want to know immediate details about the weather conditions in Shelby County, you’re about to have a new way of finding out.

    The Kentucky Mesonet, which gathers weather data from a network of monitoring stations around the state, is installing a new station in Shelby County, on the Tucker Farm on Clark Station Road near Finchville.

  • Tag-renewal procedure fails state audit, referred to AG

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