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  • Price goes down for new sewers on Ardmore Lane

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  • Wainscott named city's top employee

    Working on some of this and some of that and helping all over the office will get you plenty of recognition.

    And it just might get you the Shelbyville City Employee of the Year.

    Carla Wainscott, who has seen her duties change several times over the years, earned the award last Thursday at the city's annual Employee Appreciation Banquet.

    "I was surprised, shocked really," she said when she heard the news. "I didn't know what to think."

  • EARLIER: Contractors address bypass 'misunderstandings'

    The contractors for the Shelbyville Bypass, silent during its 4-plus years of construction, now are speaking out about why the road has not been approved to open by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Kay and Kay Contracting of L

  • News Briefs: Sept. 29, 2010

     Special Olympics equestrian event back in Shelby

  • Building moratorium headed for 7th Street

    The Shelbyville City Council is continuing to crack down on 7th Street.

    As the city, county and Triple S Planning Commission continue to study the corridor up to the entrance of Clear Creek Park, the city has started the process of placing a building moratorium on its portion of the area.

    At Thursday's meeting, the council approved the first reading of an ordinance that will postpone any building and demolition permits, zoning map amendments and development plans for the area.

  • EARLIER: Home of murder suspect burns down

    Fire investigators are citing arson as the possible cause of a fire that burned the home of a former Shelbyville man who is charged with murdering his girlfriend nearly to the ground Wednesday morning.

  • News Briefs: Sept. 24, 2010

     Shelby’s unemployment

  • Property owners to city: Sidewalks not our problem

    Several residents came to Thursday’s Shelbyville City Council meeting looking for answers on the city’s mandated sidewalk repair letters that were mailed recently.

    Some came asking the city for more time and help with the repairs, but most were questioning its legality.

  • Regional golf: SCHS girls are 2nd


    The Shelby County High School girls golf team will be returning to the State Tournament.

    SCHS was the runner-up Monday at the 5th Regional Tournament at Midland Trail in Middletown.

  • EARLIER: 'I sliced her from ear to ear'

     A friend of a former Shelbyville man accused of murdering a woman from Mount Eden on Sept. 3 claims the man admitted doing so the next day while trying to convince him to help get rid of her body.