Local News

  • Two significant projects begin this week

    Two significant projects will get underway in Simpsonville this week with construction beginning on installing infrastructure for high-speed internet and Phase III of the city's sidewalk project.

  • Death of a landmark

    A landmark that has long been a part of the Shelbyville youth community will soon be gone.

    The Shelby Community Center Gym in Martinsville is scheduled to be torn down this week, officials say.

    “A demolition crew is scheduled to begin tearing down the Martinsville Gym,” said Shelby County Deputy Judge-Executive Janet Cuthrell. “Judge [Dan] Ison, Mayor [Tom] Hardesty, Reverend [Ron] Walker and Magistrate [Hubie] Pollett will be on hand to begin the process.”

  • Bridge repair starts today

    Bridge repair work begins today on a heavily traveled bridge along U.S. 60, but officials say they don’t think the work will cause undue traffic disruption.

    “There will be a minimum delay, yes,” said Shelby County Judge-Executive Dan Ison.

  • A road formerly traveled

    If you’ve driven down 3rd Street recently, you might have some complaints about the condition.  But recent work to the area serves as a reminder that our travels are a lot smoother than they used to be.

    Shelbyville City Engineer/Public Works Director Jennifer Herrell said while contractors were making some repairs to the road, they unearthed a 16-foot log that was once part of an old wooden roadway, called a corduroy road.

  • Accountability results unveiled

    Across the state, districts are reviewing their state KPREP results and this year in Shelby County Superintendent James Neihof has no qualms in announcing his displeasure with what he’s seen.

  • SHELBY COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD - Board approves balanced working budget

     District director of finance, Susan Barkley presented to the Shelby County school board members a balanced working budget when they convened Thursday evening for their second regularly scheduled September meeting.

    Barkley noted based on various changes from the Tentative Budget approved in May, working budget receipts exceeded expenditures by just more than $400,000.

    She opened her presentation by sharing those changes, which include:

    §  Certified assessments and tax rates

    §  SEEK revenues

  • Walmart stalling Midland development

    When Planet Fitness moved into the Midland Shopping Center, the new destination, and its renovations, brought hope of revitalization to the area. 

    However, in the months since the fitness center remodeled the lot and opened, the surrounding spaces on the opposite corner have remained stagnant, and the former Tractor Supply building continues to sit vacant.

    And it appears Walmart may be to blame for the lack of progress.

  • Pension crisis hitting on local level

      A letter sent earlier this month from Kentucky State Budget Director John Chilton put city, county and school board officials on notice that big pension budget changes were coming, whether they were ready or not.

    Chilton’s letter informed those impacted by the County Employees’ Retirement System (CERS) that they would face 50 to 60 percent increases in pension costs in the next fiscal year, 2018-19.

    According to the document, the City of Shelbyville would be looking at a jump from $1.1 million to $1.8 million from FY18 to FY19.

  • A show ring of support

    Saddle up for Addie Shields

    WHAT: Benefit horse show and silent auction

    WHERE: Mount Eden Ruritan Club, 11199 Mt. Eden Rd. in Mount Eden

    WHEN: Sat. 4-11 p.m.

    COST: $2 at the gate, 6 and under free


  • Miracle Journee

    The day that Jasmine Brooks found out that the twins she was carrying were conjoined was the day she discovered how true anguish feels, she said.

    "I was terrified," she said. "I was scared, I cried – I didn't know what to think. I just kept praying to God."

    Her mother, Lisa Brooks, recalled the emotional moment.