Local News

  • Fun-raising

    The Dorman Center Bingo Center is stepping up its game.

    Kitty Simpson, who is on the board for the Dorman Center preschool and runs the bingo fundraisers at the Dorman Bingo Center with her husband, Scott, says their latest addition offers an experience that’s as close to a slot machine as you can legally get in Kentucky.

  • Sprucing up Veteran's Park

    As you travel down Main Street you may notice a barer view of Veterans Park.  That’s because Shelby’s towering pine tree has now been replaced with what could be considered its baby sister.

    “The tree was removed around nine a.m. yesterday morning,” Engineer/Public Works Director Jennifer Herrell said on Thursday.

    Longtime Shelby residents say they are uncertain how long the tree stood in that area, but estimate it’s been at least twenty to thirty years.

  • SIMPSONVILLE CITY COMMISSION: Interlocal agreement with county approved

    The Simpsonville City Commission breezed through the reading of the Interlocal Agreement to go into affect July 1 with Shelby County, passing it on first reading during Thursday’s regular meeting at city hall.

  • Shelby tops state in GOP voter turnout

    Live music, lunch, candidates talking to voters, Saturday’s first Republican Presidential Caucus seemed more like a spring festival – especially with the driving rain – than a voting primary.

    “It’s been extremely crowded, we’ve been very pleased,” Shelby County GOP chair Janet Cuthrell said Saturday afternoon. “It’s no surprise [why], we’re making history.”

  • SHELBY COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD – Board will consider industry partnership

    The Shelby County Board of Education Thursday will consider the approval of a partnership with local businesses and industries to help connect students in the district with the outside workforce, better preparing them for a career after school.

    Ryan Allan, SCPS public relations spokesperson, said the matter is about creating a liaison that will work with the school system and local industries to create internships and other opportunities.

  • SCPS recognized for CCR improvement

    Shelby County Public Schools is one of 111 school districts in the state that has been recognized for its College and Career Readiness improvement.

    “Shelby County had a goal for at least fifty-four percent of our high school students to graduate college and career ready in 2015. In reality, seventy-one percent graduated ready as measured by the Unbridled Learning Accountability model,” SCPS public relations coordinator Ryan Allan explained.

  • SHELBYVILLE CITY COUNCIL – Council advances Project 622

    The Shelbyville City Council agenda included just one item Thursday, but the meeting was anything but hollow.

    Travis White, who is looking to establish several storefronts for starting entrepreneurs at 622 Main Street that could be funded by storage units on the basement level, returned to the council chambers to again seek their blessing to move forward with his venture.

    White stood before the council in Oct., Nov. and Dec. for the same matter, but no action was taken during those meetings.

  • Woman posing as real estate agent arrested

    Shannon Chesser, a former licensed real estate agent, was arrested on Mar. 5 and charged with one count of theft of a controlled substance.

    Sgt. Bruce Gentry of the Shelbyville Police Department said they received a call from a Shelbyville woman who believed she had been victimized by a woman posing as a realtor for the Schuler Bauer Real Estate agency of Louisville.

    “She learned she might not be a real realtor,” Gentry said.  “We started investigating and learned her license had been suspended in February.”

  • Terminal patient given false hope, denied transplant

    Despite assurance three months ago from his medical staff that a second lung transplant was in his future, Shelby resident Bobby Webb has only received a broken heart.

    Webb, 42, has suffered his entire life from Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic and life-threatening disease that changes how his body makes mucus and sweat.

    The disease also often impairs the way the patient’s lungs, digestive system and other body parts work. And with those impairments, he’s also endured blood infection, pneumonia and a lung transplant.

  • State GOP takes center stage Saturday

    Kentucky will grab a piece if the national spot light Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    While the commonwealth’s national presence is usually reserved for the basketball court in March, this year the state’s first Republican Presidential Caucus will garner the headlines.

    In the past, Kentucky has hosted its Presidential votes in the May Primary, which will be May 17 this year. And the Democratic election will remain on the traditional primary day along with the local and other statewide elections.