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  • Inheriting a selfless heart

    Humble, selfless, inspiring, modest, involved, caring – friends and family members can’t find enough adjectives to describe Jennifer Harrod, owner of Jamison’s Sales & Rental and an Operation Care board member.

    “There’s not enough words to describe how awesome she is,” her sister Theresa Tippett said. “She is probably the most kind-hearted individual I have ever been privileged to know.”

    For the past four years, Harrod has worked with volunteers to provide a monthly meal for those in need.

  • Donations go a long way

    The Shelby Metro United Way wrapped up 2014 and tied it off with a bow, as this year marked the organization’s 40th anniversary in giving back to the Shelby County community. 

    Senior Regional Community Giving Manager Roberta Steutermann said that this year has been very successful for the organization.

    With thanks to campaign partners throughout the community, Steutermann said the Metro United Way was able to raise $296,000 in 2013 and reinvest more than $354,000 back into the community.

  • Shelbyville City Council: Park system shares expansion plans

    Shelbyville/Shelby County Parks and Recreation director Shawn Pickens presented to the Shelbyville City Council updates regarding current projects underway, during Thursday’s final meeting of the year.

  • Crazy about Claus

    Joe "Santa" Picinni knows whether every kid in Shelby County has been naughty or nice, because he's got 1,800 sets of eyes to help him keep track.

    While it's true that those belong to toy Santas, Christmas magic is pretty powerful stuff, especially around the Picinni household in Reindeer, er, that is, Fairway Crossing.

  • Roll Forming top JHS in food drive

    It’s the third year in a row that two local Shelbyville businesses, Jewish Hospital and Roll Forming Corporation, have sponsored a friendly competition for a food drive prior to the holiday season, said Ray Leathers, president and CEO of Roll Forming.

  • Finding the light on Christmas Eve

    Although varying slightly, most churches in Shelby County will have some type of candlelight service for Christmas Eve, a long-standing tradition in most churches, pastors say.

    Most will host the service tonight at 11, but there are some earlier ones, too, at 7 and even around 5.

    “Our tradition is we have an evening mass at five-thirty with a focus on children and acting out the nativity,” said Fr. Mike Tobin, pastor of the Church of the Annunciation.

    At 10:15, the choir gathers for hymns and the “midnight” mass begins at 11.

  • The Best Christmas Ever

    We all have that one year or one one gift that still sticks in our minds as the greatest present we've ever received. Maybe it was an Easy Bake Oven so you could create the best Christmas cookies just like mom. Or maybe it was a ping pong gun, so you could re-enact your favorite G.I. Joe Episodes. Whatever it was, it sticks with you for life. Here are a few memories from Shelby Countians.

  • Last minute deals

    If you find yourself among the many last minute shoppers, frantically buzzing across town, praying to get your list checked twice by tonight, your procrastination may actually save you a bit of money.

    As you are trying to fill the gaps under your tree, stores like Rural King are trying to make room on their shelves.

  • New owner moves into Habitat house

    Shannin Blake and her three children will be spending Christmas in their new home on Ardmore Lane, courtesy of Shelby County Habitat for Humanity.

    “This is a dream come true,” Blake said tearfully on Thursday when she signed papers of ownership and took possession of her key.

    Blake, who has been living with her parents, Brenda and Jim Hall of Shelbyville, in their basement, for the past year, is a direct support professional at Cedar Lake Lodge in La Grange.

    She is a single mom with three teenagers, Kendra, 17, Garrison, 15, and James, 13.

  • Shelbyville man arrested after police chase

    A Shelby County man is behind bars after being arrested following a police chase across two counties.

    Terry West, 25, of Shelbyville, was arrested early Sunday morning in Anderson County by Kentucky State Police, who joined in the pursuit to assist Shelbyville Police.

    Christopher Martin, spokesperson for KSP, said West had left the scene of a robbery and domestic violence assault in a 1990 Ford pickup truck. When police tried to apprehend him, he fled across the county line.