Local News

  • Bevin visits with cattle farmers

    Matt Bevin, Republican candidate for governor, was back on the campaign trail Monday in Shelby County when he paid an informal visit to a cattleman’s association event hosted by Irvin Kupper.

    Bevin said the visit to the Kupper farm, which is also the farm of the Shelby County Cattleman’s Association president, made him realize anew how the county epitomizes all the good qualities throughout Kentucky.

  • Kids and donuts

    A Shelby County native who now teaches second grade in Georgia has written her first book, with a book signing scheduled for next week in Shelby County.

    Angela Francis Wilkinson laughed as she talked about the plot of the children’s book called Donuts Don’t Lie.

  • Johnson leaves Operation Care

    Operation Care board members are staying quiet on how now former Executive Director Jeff Johnson left the organization.

    “He’s moved on; that’s all I can say,” said Charles Ashby, chair of the Operation Care board of directors.

    Ashby said he could not comment on the circumstances of Johnson’s departure, leaving many questioning why the longtime director would leave.

  • Minor injuries in 2-bus accident

    School officials are breathing a sigh of relief that a 2-bus accident Tuesday morning, which ended with one bus overturned in a ditch, yielded only minor injuries.

    “We’re very fortunate that all of our kids are safe and our drivers are safe,” said Eddie Oakley, Shelby County Public Schools’ chief operations officer.

  • SCPS budget shows several changes from earlier draft

    Susan Barkley, SCPS director of finance, shared with the board Thursday the working budget for the 2015-16 school year and the district is looking a bit unbalanced.

    “The working budget expenditures exceed the receipts by about five hundred thousand dollars,” Barkley said.

    She noted that a little more than $300,000 of the expenditures in the more than $64 million General Fund budget is a result of a carryover from the previous fiscal year’s budget.

  • Straight from the horse’s mouth

    Pumpkins patches, pizza baking and a talking horse don’t typically have much in common, but last week at Gallrein Farms, they all came together to make a unique and fun classroom setting.

    “It was really nice to have the class,” Sarah Flattery, a second grade teacher at Heritage Elementary said.  Flattery and her students along with three other second grade classes attended a field trip to Gallrein Farms on Thursday and this year, in addition to touring the farm, students were treated to a special agriculture program.

  • Big Picture Learning gives district an alternative to alternative education

    Shelby County Public Schools recognizes that not all students fit the same learning mold. So the district is considering the possibility of launching the state’s first Big Picture School.

    With nearly 100 schools around the globe participating, the program redesigns education in the United States.  With their innovative approach to learning, the program has a 92 percent graduation rate.

  • Little lessons, big results

    A row of gigantic pumpkins with a cornfield in the background and three ordinary looking guys talking to a child may not sound like the set of a television show, but that's just what it was on Friday at Gallrein Farms.

    The three stars of the segment of A Day in Buck's Big World- a KET series- were Shelby County Farmers Jim and Seth Ellis and Bill Gallrein.

  • UPDATED: 2 bus accident on Rocket Lane, minor injuries reported

    An accident on Rocket Lane Tuesday morning left one bus in the ditch near Shelby County High School's rear entrance and several students in the gym to be checked by EMS.

    Two buses collided just after 8:30 a.m., and one bus was left on its side. That bus had no students on board at the time of the accident. The other bus, No. 1121, did have students and all were escorted into the Shelby County High School gymnasium. The bus that flipped over was driven Wyena Marshall and Terry Overall was driving bus No. 1121.

  • SCPS rolls out student computers

    Nearly every Shelby County Public Schools high student will be spending their weekend tinkering with a new Chromebook, thanks to the district’s commitment to pair every student with their own device by 2018.

    On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday students at both high schools piled into the halls and herded from station to station before finally picking up their Chromebook after much anticipation.

    Some stations took a bit longer than others to pass through but inevitably, all students left with smiles on their faces and devices under their arms.