Local News

  • Trumbo hospitalized after farm accident

    Longtime farmer Jack Trumbo has been hospitalized with serious injuries at the University of Louisville after  a farming accident.

    The accident happened Sunday afternoon after Trumbo had an accident with a tractor he was working on.

  • Dorman Center reaches goal in fund matching

    Still $5,000 short in early December from fulfilling its part of raising $20,000 to match a $40,000 grant, the Dorman Center announced Thursday that they have reached that goal.

    Ray Leathers, president of the board of the Dorman Center, said the deadline to meet the amount was the end of the year, and that donations not only met the requirement, but also exceeded it, bringing in more than $25,000, for a total grant amount of $45,280,

  • New technology for decal renewal

    Next month, Shelby will join the rest of the state in using new technology to issue renewal decals.

    Although clerks will be doing the renewals differently, the procedure will not change for citizens, said Shelby County Clerk Sue Carole Perry.

  • New fire station under construction at Mount Eden

    Construction crews are hard at work this week, busily engaged in erecting the framework for a new fire station in Mount Eden.

    The old station was destroyed by fire last August, while in the midst of celebrating 50 years at that location on Van Buren Road.

    But Mount Eden Fire Chief Doug Herndon said he intends to make sure that the new facility will have everything the old one had, and more.

    “It will be the same location, same everything, pretty much,” he said.

  • Shelby one of state’s healthiest counties

    Shelby County remains one of the healthiest counties in the commonwealth, according to the 2015 County Health Rankings of all states, complied annually by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute in collaboration with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

    Shelby County had moved up to third place in 2013, a substantial jump from 2012, when the county came in 9th place, following a rising trend, coming in 12th in 2011 and 22nd in 2010.

  • Message from the heart

    Tickets are going quickly for the annual Women’s Health Fair sponsored by Jewish Hospital Shelbyville, which for the past decade has been working to raise awareness of health issues specific to women.

    “At this point, we’re expecting a sell out,” said Holly Husband, spokesperson for JHS. “We have already sold more tickets than we ever do and right now – we’re sitting at a pretty high number – and we’ll sell out at about three hundred.”

  • If you build it they will come

    Nestled behind a blanket of trees in a quiet Shelbyville neighborhood sits a hidden gem – Fuzion Athletics, an athletic club like no other around.

    Owner and coach Jamie Steffen does not train basketball or football players, but rather he’s a pole vaulting coach, and with his unique facility he’s singlehandedly putting Kentucky on the pole vaulting map.

    With only a handful of similar facilities across the nation, most of his students travel more than one hour each way every week to train at Fuzion, Steffen said.

  • Teachers teaching teachers

    Shelby County Public Schools introduced their newest facility, The Robert Blair Center, to numerous faculty members yesterday in conjunction with the district’s first Edtech Share Fair.

    District Technology Integration Coach Adam Watson organized the fair, which included nine stations established by educators from across the district.

    “The share fair, in a way, is a culmination of a program that started at the beginning of the year,” Watson explained.

  • A presidential achievement

    Honored just four months ago for obtaining a perfect score on the ACT exam, Ryan Renfro has now been selected as a 2015 United States Presidential Scholar candidate, a remarkable honor nationwide and one especially unique to the district.

    SCPS Public Relations Coordinator Ryan Allan said he could not remember the last time someone in the district has been nominated as a candidate.

    Renfro is the first Collins High School student to achieve the candidacy and, in fact, is the first for Shelby County Schools in a decade.

  • Simpsonville sidewalk project begins 2nd phase this week

    More than a year after the completion of the first phrase of the Simpsonville sidewalk project, the second phase is scheduled to begin sometime this week.