• Business Q&A: Adam Ruiz

    Adam Ruiz, 48, is the chief of staff at Citizens Union Bank, where he has worked for the past five years. He is a native of Texas and is scheduled to complete a doctoral degree from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary in May. His wife, Denise, is a chaplain at Norton Hospital. Recently Ruiz became involved in administering the Congressional Awards Program, which is designed to expand community service among young people. He talked with The Sentinel-News about the program and how businesses might become involved.

  • Food prices up slightly but less than nationally

    This is probably no big shock, but you paid slightly more for your food in 2010.
    The latest survey by the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation shows that retail food prices grew about by $2.71 – that’s 2.5 percent – in December and were up about 3.9 percent from 2009.
    Farm Bureau surveys 40 basic grocery items, and its sales ticket totaled up to $109.21.
    Twenty-two items on the list increased in price, and 16 decreased. Two items – cucumbers and a 24-slice package of American cheese – remained the same.

  • Sentinel-News launches new Web site

    When you visit www.SentinelNews.com today, you’ll see a whole new Web site.
    The Sentinel-News has launched an update that adds more content, features and interactive opportunities.
    The site remains under construction, so you may have to avoid some debris and dust as you check it out.

  • Shelby’s retail businesses saw better times in 2010

    Two words describe the trends that took over for Shelby County's retail businesses in 2010 – expanding and local.

    Those two words also help describe the national outlook as the country continues to climb out of a deep recession.

    Sales continued to grow during the final six months of the year, and experts say that consumers are finally contributing to growth. Shoppers are feeling more secure in their jobs, and the decline of high unemployment rates will be the next to follow.

  • Business Briefcase: Dec. 31, 2010

    Sorrell named CEO
    of BCCLT engineering

    Biagi, Chance, Cummins, London, Titzer, Inc. announced that Tom Sorrell has been promoted to chief executive officer.
    Sorrell, a University of Louisville graduate, is a third-generation owner and has been with the firm since 1987
    Firm President Joe Chan remarked that Sorrell is very deserving of this position and has always worked for the best interest of the company.  

  • Ford’s changes a boost locally

    Ford Motor Company's retooling of the Louisville Assembly Plant is going to have some spillover into Shelby County.
    When Martinrea International reached an agreement with the United Auto Workers Local 238 last year, management said new programs would be coming.
    It appears that Ford's changes for Louisville are going to be a big part of those new programs.
    Earlier this month, Ford announced plans to retool and expand the Louisville Assembly Plant, which currently makes the Explorer. The changes will move the Explorer production to Chicago.

  • Permits: Dec. 31, 2010

    Paul and Karen Waller, 1103 Majestic Way, house, main structure, 9,364 square feet, $870,000
    Charles Rogalinski, 506 Garden Court, storage building, accessory structure, 15x15, $7,800
    Jean Jesse, 1169 Rockbridge Road, barn, accessory structure, 378 square feet, $1,000
    Key Homes, 4751 Fox Run Road, house, main structure, 4,781 square feet, $220,000
    Barbara Yates, 1709 Lakeside Drive, storage building, accessory structure, 140 square feet, $10
    Robinson and Chandler Megibben, 909 Main Street, sign, accessory structure, 25 square feet, $500

  • New Business: Barnett Baking Company Cake Shop and Cafe

    Address: 206 Washington Street
    Who we are: Owner Nancy Barnett has been working in the hospitality industry for 15 years. She is originally from Harrodsburg, and moved to Shelby County in 2006. She had opened a shop in Bagdad and moved that to Washington Street on Nov. 15. Barnett started waiting tables at age 18, and the summer after she graduated high school, she started making desserts for the restaurant and said she developed a passion for that work.

  • New business: Innovative Emotions

    Address: 810 Main Street, Shelbyville


  • New contract, award have RFC and guests flying high

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