• Fayette conservationist addresses farm group

    Farmer and land preservationist Frank Penn told a local farmland preservation group it needs to make allies with local citizens, business and farm groups to maintain support for farmland preservation.

    Penn spoke at a fundraiser for Shelby Area Rural Conservation (SARC), a new organization hoping to establish preservation easements on farmland in Shelby and surrounding areas.

    The group recently gained its non-profit status and is working on a donated conservation easement in Oldham County, SARC President Jim Ellis said.

  • Kentucky Ag Report: July 22, 2011

    Celebrate Ky. farmers' market week

    Kentucky farmers' market vendors will take a well-deserved bow when Kentucky celebrates Farmers' Market Week July 24-30.

    "Kentucky's more than 150 farmers' markets offer a wonderful bounty of delicious, nutritious Kentucky Proud foods," Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer said. "They also offer something you can't get anywhere else - the chance to meet the people who produced the food you're buying.

  • Heat wave can be hard on horses

    When cutting grass, working in the yard or just milling around outside when a heat wave hits, most people can just step inside to cool off in the air conditioning. But what about Shelby's equine friends? There are not a lot of barns with AC pumping in.

    In preparation for the heat wave settling on Shelby County this week, horse trainers and owners can take certain precautions for extra care of their horses during the dog days of summer.

    Trainer and horse owner at RHC Riding Academy, Erin Reid said all of her horses have boxed stalls with their own fan.

  • Ag Report: July 15, 2011

    SCHS’s White attends

    ag leadership institute

    Shelby County High School student Rachel White recently returned home from Kentucky Farm Bureau’s Institute for Future Agricultural Leaders (IFAL).

  • WICHE: When is a geranium not a geranium?

    If someone asked me what my favorite perennial was, I could only say that it changes with each passing year. This year the answer is the Hardy Geranium, known around these parts as the Cranesbill.

    My fascination with Hardy Geraniums has grown steadily as I have discovered the countless varieties that exist. In European gardens they are as commonplace as phlox is in American perennial gardens.

  • Ag Report: July 8, 2011

    Producers expecting good vegetable crop

    A wide variety of Kentucky Proud produce will be available for the next several weeks at farmers’ markets, restaurants, retail outlets, and Kentucky Farm Bureau roadside markets.

  • WICHE: Trouble shooting tomato problems

    This time last year, I had some healthy-looking tomato plants, which was a delight because in 2009 I had some disease issues.

    Turned out that 2010 was a bust though because of all the crazy heat we had! This year the garden and the tomatoes look promising, but I am always on the lookout for emerging problems. So far the 2011 day-time and night-time summer weather, and temperature are absolutely perfect for tomatoes!

  • Ag Report: July 1, 2011

    Shelby gets state ag grant

    for dead livestock removal

    The Kentucky Agricultural Development Board approved $7,500 at its monthly meeting in support of a Deceased Farm Animal Removal Program in Shelby County, fulfilling a request by Shelby County Fiscal Court.

    The program was established as an interim measure to facilitate the coordination of environmentally sound and cost-effective disposal of deceased livestock for Kentucky’s producers.

  • WICHE: Life of a bagworm is a drag

    Who among us is guilty of not noticing it until it’s too late? Yes, all of a sudden there is nothing left of your blue spruce or arborvitae. Bagworms have been munching on the needles for weeks, and we wonder how it all happened.

    Well, they are at work right now, so go outside and take inventory of your evergreens because that’s what the bagworm likes the most. Now is the time they do their damage unless we put a stop to it.

  • Ag Report: June 17, 2011

    Southern States upgrades

    equine feed mill in state

    Southern States’ feed mills announced upgrades to its Winchester Kentucky Feed Mill, manufacturers of Triple Crown and Southern States’ Legends brand equine feeds in addition to a number of Southern States animal and livestock feeds. The Winchester mill serves the company’s western territory with primary distribution in Kentucky and West Virginia.