• Ag report: Sept. 20, 2013

    Gallrein hosts fundraiser for Shelby organizations

    Gallrein Farms will host its third annual “Family Fun Fundraiser” from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

    This event helps to support several charitable organizations within Shelby County, including Operation Care, Mentor Shelby Kids, ALC Pregnancy Resource Center, Shelby County Backpack Project and Open Door of Hope men’s shelter.

  • WICHE: The sounds of starlings usher in fall

    The other evening I was sitting outside under a tree babysitting our hens. We have only been letting them out in the evening under supervision until we can get a handle on some fox problems (we are working on it).

    As I sat and read, a sense of calm came over me, and I was surprised to realize that it was triggered by a little flock of nasty starlings.

    Starlings start to flock up this time of the year, and I guess there was just some sort of Pavlovian response that said, yes, fall is just around the corner. The starlings say so.

  • Ag report: Sept. 13, 2013

    Farm Safety Week brings focus to sharing roadways

    Kentucky Farm Bureau is using National Farm Safety Week next week as a time to remind motorists that farmers are harvesting their crops and thus more often on the roads, moving equipment from one field to another.

  • WICHE: Cover crops improve the garden as its rests

    This past weekend we tackled some vegetable garden clean up. The hail storm from a few weeks back destroyed most of what was left; subsequent wind and rain finished off the battered remains.

    So we replanted a few crops, spread wood chips in the paths to control weeds and filled the remaining empty beds with a cover crop.

  • Ag report: Sept. 6, 2013

    Gallrein sets annual family fundraiser

    Gallrein Farms will open its annual fall season by hosting its third annual “Family Fun Fundraiser” at 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Sept. 21.

    Three years ago, Randie Gallrein came up with the idea to try to help a couple of organizations that were in need, and the event has grown to five different organizations:  Operation Care, Mentor Shelby Kids, ALC Pregnancy Resource Center, Shelby County Backpack Project and the Open Door of Hope men’s shelter.

  • Shelby County winners at Kentucky State Fair, Sept. 6, 2013

    These results were gleaned from those posted at kystatefair.org. As others become available, they will be published.

    FFA Exhibits


    Best Exhibit Of Alfalfa Hay (Less Than 5 percent Grass)

    Blue, Nancy Cottrell, Finchville, Collins High School FFA

    Taylor Nash, Simpsonville, Collins High School FFA

    Best Exhibit Of Alfalfa Hay (Less Than 5 percent Grass)

    Sabrina Shaver, Shelbyville, Collins High School FFA

  • WICHE: Crabgrass has a culinary history

    Summertime is the time when crabgrass rears its ugly head and begins to creep through our fescue lawns, sneak into our cultivated beds and, when we’re not looking, reseeds itself to ensure the continuation of the species.

    Does it sound daunting? Well, I wouldn’t look at it that way entirely. Let’s just say it is a challenge to keep it under control.

  • Ag report: Aug. 30, 2013

    FSA deadline to insure some 2014 forage crops

    USDA’s Farm Service Agency’s office in Shelbyville is reminding agricultural producers that today is the deadline to obtain crop year 2014 NAP coverage for crops such as wheat for forage and barley for forage.

  • State fair competition is big business for little people

    For an early introduction to the agricultural industry, you would have to be very carefully to beat participating in 4-H and competing at the annual Kentucky State Fair.

    After all, developing animals and products is a consistent and educational practice in itself. When you add doing so competitively – at fairs and shows – the “hobby” can become time-consuming and require an investment of money as well.

  • Shelby County winners at Kentucky State Fair, Aug. 30, 2013

    These Results Were Gleaned From Those Posted Atstatefair.Org. As Others Become Available, They Will Be Published.


    Large Livestock

    Dairy Cattle

    Herdsman Award

    1. Rachel White, Waddy



    Heifer, Junior Calf - Born March 1, 2013 Thru April 30, 2013

    10. 8th, Small AYR Michelle April Louise, Emily Goins, Waddy