• Linking with each other

    Shelby County High School upperclassmen volunteered as mentors for LinkCrew, a program in which they assisted with eighth-grade orientation by being matched with a student for a year-long mentor program. The LinkCrew training included activities they would perform with the underclassmen at orientation, like get-acquainted questioning and even physical movements. This session led by teacher Jami Dale.

  • Cornerstone read-a-thon

  • On campus: Keri Schreiner

    Keri Schreiner graduated from the University of Kansas with distinction (in the top 10 percent of her class) in both political science and environmental studies. She is interning with the secretary of state’s office this summer and will attend Indiana University in the fall to pursue a master’s degree in public affairs. She is the daughter of Victoria and Bruce Schreiner of Shelbyville.

  • New teachers at Shelby Schools

    New teachers have participated in four days of professional development to get acquainted with the goals and practices of Shelby County Public Schools. Administrators joined Superintendent James Neihof in providing the training, which included the thinking strategies practices for the classroom. Opening day for staff is Tuesday, with a program at Collins High School. Students’ first day is Wednesday.

  • Students in the accelerated academy program

    The second year of Accelerated Academy classes will begin when school starts Wednesday. This incoming group of freshmen joins sophomores who decided to remain in the program, which is designed for those students who met specific academic requirements. If they graduate the program, they earn 40 college credit hours.


    Collins High School

  • On campus: Gash graduates from UK

    Hanna E. Gash of Lexington received a master’s degree in social work and developmental disabilities certification from the University of Kentucky. She graduated with honors and an accumulate grade point average of 4.0. She earned her social-work license and previously earned a bachelor’s degree in the science of psychology from Morehead State University. She is the daughter of Larry and Marlene Gash.

  • Read-a-long

    Jamie Shiver discussed connections students – Collin Elkins and Adrian Ramos – with the book selected for group time at one class of summer reading academy for grades one and three. The children took turns reading about the kites and predicted what color or number or shape would appear on the next page since there was a pattern in the text.

  • Enrichment activity

    Paula Kingsolver (left) worked with clay and mixing colors to form new colors with children attending the Migrant Education Program through Shelby County Public Schools. Samantha Roberts (right) assisted in the art class where children knew red and yellow made orange, and were predicting what blue and yellow would make.

  • Right brain, left brain

    Eric Miracle stood as he watched children in summer reading academy exercising the right side and then the left side of their brains. This bean-bag activity forced the children to listen to instructions, use different body parts to respond and return to a standing position before another round of tossing, lifting or juggling occurred.

  • On campus: July 27, 2012

    Casey Page graduated with his Master of Arts degree in teaching from the University of Louisville, college of education in May. He is the son of Marty and Rachael Page of Finchville.