• Boutique business

    Students at Shelby County High School – like Heather Dorman (left) and Jade Rucker – have the opportunity to take fashion and interior design classes. Teacher Renee Smith said the students were busy throughout December creating items to sell as part of an economics/entrepreneurship course.

  • Board is watching

    Shelby County School Board member Doug Butler looks over Nikki Canterbury’s math class while she coaches students through the problems and their answers. Getting ready to respond are Collins High School students Wyatt Williamson (front), Sarah Romans (left) and Jacob Dale. Butler joined Superintendent James Neihof on a classroom visit this month.

  • Chapter 9: Learn a new trick and never be bored

    “The moon is my father, the sea is my mother;

    I have a million brothers, I die when I reach land.

    “What am I?”

    “Maybe it’s the sun,” Chloe said.

    “Yes, the son. That makes sense – sons, boys, brothers,” I explained.

    “Not s-O-n but s-U-n,” Chloe said.


    “Focus on ‘I die when I reach land,’ ” Dad suggested.

    Doc had included a card for Dad so he knew the answer and where to go.

  • Story of the pigs

    Jake Waford (from left) Brayden Glass, Bryce Glass and Braden Skinner had roles in the West Side Players’ production of The Surprising Story of the Three Little Pigs, which they performed for the community last month. The play was written by Linda Daughtery and directed by Libby Sear Blair and Mannie Stone. The student director from Collins High School was Bethanee Buckler.

  • Students assign math problems

    Taunja Davis and Gracie Redmon try to figure out the problem that will match the math description given to them. Simpsonville Elementary children in Karen Hauber’s room each wrote math descriptions for buddies to solve, using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

  • January 2013 School Calendar


    Tuesday – Swearing-in ceremony for school board member Allen Phillips 8:30 a.m. at Heritage Elementary

    Wednesday – West Middle will be hosting Rachel’s challenge with a community program 7 p.m. at Collins High School theatre that is open to the public. 

  • Good citizens

  • Honor guard at hockey event

  • Student of the month

    Linda Hill is congratulated by teacher Angela Carter for being the Student of the Month at the Education Center at Cropper. The freshman was selected for the title for points she earned for academics, attendance and attitude.

  • New at preschool employee

    Saylor Aylmer said he knew when he was young that as an adult he wanted a job that had something to do with helping people. Aylmer, a 2003 graduate of Shelby County High School, has found his niche: the Family Resource Center coordinator for the preschool classes at Painted Stone Elementary. “This is a dream job!” he said with a big grin. A recent visit to the classroom prompted “Hi Mr. Saylor!” from a number of children, one who even asked him to tie his shoes.