• Learning about China
  • Bellarmine dean’s list

    Bellarmine University has named students to its dean's list for the fall 2012 semester. The dean's list recognizes students who receive a grade-point average of 3.5 or above on a 4.0 scale. The following Shelby County residents were named to the dean's list:

    •  Madison Petit, a junior from Simpsonville is majoring in nursing, and previously attended Christian Academy of Louisville.

  • Technology at work

    Seventh-graders Jessica Velasquez Roblero and Austin Readmon used the calculator on their cell phones to find the perimeter and the area of a rectangle during Suzanne Guelda’s class at East Middle School.

  • Youth menus: April 22 through April 26


    Elementary schools – Breakfast: WG snack ‘n waffles(38g), WG blueberry muffin(27g); entrées: chicken strips(12g), honey BBQ pork bites(7g); sides: tossed salad(4.48g) w/mandarin oranges(9.5g), sweet potato waffle fries(30g), WG roll(24g), banana(26g), pineapple tidbits(15.5g); condiments: ketchup(2g), honey mustard(10g), BBQ sauce(7.5g), raspberry vinaigrette dressing(5.5g)

  • SCHS choir wins

    The Shelby County High School choir memberswere first-place winners at the Lexington Catholic's third annual "Voices in Harmony" competition. 

  • ‘Daniel Boone’ visits Wright
  • School menus: April 15 through 19


    Elementary schools – Breakfast: Mini Pancakes(30g) WG Blueberry Muffin(27g); entrées: WG Pretzel(14g) w/Cheese Sauce (2g) WG Mini Corn Dogs(33g) Uncrustable(34g) & Cheese Stick(1g); sides: Carrots (6.5g) Green Beans(4.54g) Orange Smiles(9g) Pineapple Tidbits(15.5g); condiments: Ketchup,(2g)Mustard(0)

  • Young Leaders assistants

    Sophomores in the Young Leaders Institute experienced Education Day recently when they visited and worked in a variety of schools. Kathryn Morrow worked with kindergarten children – Maxton DeGrella and Alyssa Huff – in Katie Jones’ class at Simpsonville Elementary.

  • Following instructions

    Aimee Pierce, a second-grader at Southside Elementary, read the assignment on the SmartBoard posted by art teacher Makenzi Hunter. The children had drawn a heart on top of which they had drawn horizontal and vertical lines to make a grid, according to Aimee. Next she had to choose a cool color (purple, blue, green) for the background and a warm color (orange, yellow, red) for the foreground, which Aimee said would be the heart.

  • Gum or no gum

    Lexis Chadwell shares her opinion while Alyssa Lemus and Erica Bratcher listen about a debate whether to allow chewing gum in class or to ban it entirely at East Middle School. The opinion writing assignment came from Mary Carmel Daughtery at East, where she is the only teacher in her team who doesn’t allow gum. Those against mentioned she had sat on gum in her chair and that some chew too loud in class. Those in favor wrote you can concentrate in class and you won’t talk as much because you have gum in your mouth.