• SCHS dance team

    The Shelby County High School Dance Team hosted the annual Kids Dance Camp at SCHS and performed at the home football game on Aug. 30. Members of the SCHS varsity dance team (in pink) for 2013-2014 are Alex Skellie, Heather Cook, Emilee Colvin, Olivia Matlin, Miranda Tirbs, Claire Schaefer, Lindsey Hill, Samantha Armstrong and Claire Dale.

  • Mayor visit Southside

    Shelbyville Mayor Tom Hardesty visited Southside Elementary and spoke to the third-graders. He discussed local government as well as how to become a mayor.

  • Chapter 1: The lure of good eats

    “Dogwood, what have you done?” Dad asked as he cleaned green beans off the ceiling fan while Mom wiped mashed potatoes out of my sister Chloe’s hair. “I’m sorry, Dad,” I said after swallowing some baked chicken, “but when Chloe said ‘food fight,’ I had to throw something.”

    “Food fight?” Mom, Dad and Chloe questioned simultaneously.

  • School menus: Sept. 16-20


    Elementary schools – Breakfast: Sausage Biscuit (25g) w/Jelly(9g) WG Blueberry Muffin(25g);  Entrées: WG Chicken Patty(15g) w/WW Roll(20g) Ham & Cheese (1.5g) on W G Pretzel Roll (29g); Sides: Steamed Broccoli(9.42g) Baby Carrots (5.79g) Fresh Apple(15g) Pineapple Tidbits(15.5g); Condiments: Honey Mustard(10g)BBQ Sauce(7.5g) Ketchup(2g), Ranch Dressing (1g), Promise Margarine (0g)

  • EKU launches new online degree

    Eastern Kentucky University in spring 2014 will launch the state’s first fully online accredited Master’s of Public Administration degree program.

    The program, which is designed to serve pre-service graduate students as well as those already working in the public sector, can be tailored to students’ career interests.

  • School menus: Sept. 9 through 13


    Elementary schools – Breakfast: Pizza Strip(28g), WG Blueberry Muffin(25g); Entrées: Mandarin Chicken(25g), w/Rice (30.1g), Mini Corn Dogs(31g); Sides: Veggie Provence(7g), Baby Carrots(5.79g), w/Ranch(1g), Banana(26g), Peach Slices(16.5g); Condiments: Ranch Dressing, Ketchup(2g), Mustard (0g). Don’t forget your milk

  • Watch D.O.G.S.

    It was a full house at Clear Creek Elementary when more than 100 fathers and students attended the “pizza night” kickoff to the Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) program. Dads stood in line to sign in to get information about how they could become involved at their child’s school. Watch D.O.G.S is a national program that encourages fathers and father figures to commit to spending at least one day or more a year volunteering as a positive role model and an extra set of eyes and ears at their child’s school.

  • Painted Stone students read for big goals

    Students at Painted Stone Elementary know that reading is important. They know they are going to have to read a lot in order to reach their big goals by the end of the year. Students are reading during the day in each content area, but now they’ve taken it “on the road.” They are reading on the bus and in car rider line.

  • Cornerstone seniors surprise classmate
  • School menus: Sept. 2 through Sept. 6

    Monday – no school, Labor Day holiday