• School menus: Nov. 22, 2013


    Elementary schools – Breakfast: Sausage Biscuit(25g)w/Jelly(9g), WG Blueberry Muffin(25g); Entrée Choices: WG Chicken Patty(15g) w/WW Roll(20g), Ham & Cheese (1.5g) on W G Pretzel Roll(29g); Side Items: Steamed Broccoli(9.42g), Baby Carrots (5.79g), Fresh Apple(15g), Pineapple Tidbits(15.5g); Condiments: Honey Mustard(10g)BBQ Sauce(7.5g)Ketchup(2g), Ranch Dressing (1g), Promise Margarine (0g)

  • Southside experience
  • Cornerstone celebration for grandparents

    A record crowd of more than 500 guests joined Cornerstone Christian Academy to celebrate the 2013 luncheon for grandparents. Preschool-through-fifth-grade students presented musical performances.

  • SCHS student attends Youth Salute in Missouri

    Ethan Russell of Shelby County High School was one of the participants in Youth Salute, an awards ceremonies in St. Louis sponsored by the National Council on Youth Leadership and Washington University.

    Youth Salute is conducted in cooperation with the Central Kentucky Council on Youth Leadership. Students must be nominated by their high school counselors, teachers, principals and other community leaders to participate.

  • Collins students at EKU band day

    Collins High School will be among the approximately 250 musicians from nearly 50 high schools and middle schools to participate in the “Marching Colonels for a Day” on Saturday.

    The students will spend the entire day on the Eastern Kentucky University campus, rehearse with the Marching Colonels, march to the stadium, take part in the band’s tailgate performance and join the EKU musicians for a special Veterans Day tribute at halftime of a football game against UT-Martin.

  • On campus: Nov. 15, 2013

    Shelby student inducted into Campbellsville president’s club

    A total of 20 new members were inducted into the president's club at Campbellsville University, and among them was Alan Haven of Shelbyville.

  • School menus: Nov. 18-22


    Elementary schools – Breakfast: Pizza Strip (28g), WG Blueberry Muffin (25g); Entrées: Mandarin Chicken (25g), w/Rice (30.1g), Mini Corn Dogs (31g); Sides: Veggie Provence (7g), Baby Carrots (5.79g), w/Ranch (1g), Banana (26g), Peach Slices (16.5g); Condiments: Ranch Dressing (1g), Ketchup (2g), Mustard (0g)

  • School menus: Nov. 11-15


    Elementary schools – Breakfast: Sausage Pancake Bites (19g), WG Blueberry Muffin (25g);  Entrées: WG Pretzel (28g)w/Cheese Sauce (6g), Popcorn Chicken(13g); Sides: Cauliflower(2.56g), w/Ranch(1g), Green Beans(3.86g), Orange Smiles(15.4g), Pineapple Tidbits(15.5g); Condiments: Honey Mustard(10g), Ketchup(2g)

  • Chapter 4: How to milk the moment

    “What’s the matter, Woody?” Chloe asked. “Why are you cowered in the floorboard of the truck?”

    “Are you scared of that bull in the field,” Mr. Tom asked. I nodded, but he said, “That bull’s in the pen and couldn’t get you if he tried.”

  • School menus: Nov. 4 through 8


    NO SCHOOL – Professional Development day