• Chapter 9: Getting fired up about tobacco

    “It happens all the time,” the firefighter told Pa. “Those city pups did what they thought was right.”

    “Don’t worry one iota over what happened,” Pa said, making us feel better. “That firefighter was correct – you acted in good faith, and that’s something to be proud of.”

    “I don’t understand how the barn wasn’t on fire since there was smoke pouring from it,” Chloe said.

  • School menus: Jan. 6 through 10


    Elementary schools – Breakfast: Pizza Strip (28g), WG Blueberry Muffin (25g); Entrées: Mandarin Chicken (25g), w/Rice (30.1g), Mini Corn Dogs (31g); Sides: Veggie Provence (7g), Baby Carrots (5.79g), w/ Ranch (1g), Banana (26g), Peach Slices (16.5g)

  • Honor rolls: Cornerstone

    First Grade

    Ivy Lentini, Azana McDuffus, Ava Edwards

    All A’s:  Edison Hendricks, Savannah Doyle, Anna Riggsby, Lucy Quinn, Waylen White, Jacob Wright, Aubrey Glass, Jaxon Warford, Matt Hogan, Christian Ladner, Lyndell Shepherd 

  • 4-H Achievement

    Shelby County 4-Hers and adult volunteers were recognized for their efforts at the achievement banquet on Dec. 10.

  • Honor rolls: Shelby County High School

    Eighth grade

    Isaiah Bell, Brodie Block, Celena Burrus, Taylor Dugger, Melody Lane, Lauren Long, Keegan Martion, Dale Morgan, Lauren Nethery, Amber Pierani

    All A’s: Hanako Boucher, Hannah Cox, Stephanie Fernandez Perez, Gavin Martion, Kaleigh Moore, Dorothy Muncy, Maria Myatt, Jake York

  • Honor rolls: Collins High School
  • Clear Creek meets United Way goal

    Clear Creek Elementary met its United Way goal of $5,000 by raising $5000.01. Stephanie Herndon's class was the top contributor, and Nancy Page (left) and Principal Kim Willhoite were chosen to dress as Thing 1 and 2 for the day.

  • Chapter 8: Some Proud food to eat

    "Don't even think about it, son," Pa commanded when he saw me getting ready to kill the slithering black snake I had found in the barn. "Leave him alone."

    "You mean we aren't going to kill him?" I asked, proud I had gathered enough courage to even get close to the creature.

    "Wouldn't dream of it," Pa said. "Snakes are good for farms. This little guy is a rat snake. He lives here in the barn and eats mice and rats. The snake gets his dinner, and we don't have rodents."

  • Southside Elementary honor rolls

    Third grade

    Sophia Atherton, Caleb Barnes, Shelby Callahan, Kendra Copeland, Danny Eldridge, Catherine Gregory, Jacob Harper, Nathaniel Middleton, Ruby Navarro, Zachary Perry, Makaylah Puckett, Mykenzie Smith, Aleia Stein, John Story, Adriona Ware, Taylor West

  • Wright Elementary honor rolls

    Wright Elementary honor rolls