• School menus: Nov. 11-15


    Elementary schools – Breakfast: Sausage Pancake Bites (19g), WG Blueberry Muffin (25g);  Entrées: WG Pretzel (28g)w/Cheese Sauce (6g), Popcorn Chicken(13g); Sides: Cauliflower(2.56g), w/Ranch(1g), Green Beans(3.86g), Orange Smiles(15.4g), Pineapple Tidbits(15.5g); Condiments: Honey Mustard(10g), Ketchup(2g)

  • Chapter 4: How to milk the moment

    “What’s the matter, Woody?” Chloe asked. “Why are you cowered in the floorboard of the truck?”

    “Are you scared of that bull in the field,” Mr. Tom asked. I nodded, but he said, “That bull’s in the pen and couldn’t get you if he tried.”

  • School menus: Nov. 4 through 8


    NO SCHOOL – Professional Development day


  • Backing teacher at Simpsonville
  • Honor rolls: Cornerstone Christian Academy

    First Grade

    Ivy Lentini, Saraya Toby

    All A’s:  Anna Riggsby, Waylen White, Edison Hendricks, Savannah Doyle, Aubrey Glass, Lucy Quinn, Lyndell Shepherd, Matt Hogan, Christian Ladner, Jacob Wright, Jaxon Warford, Ava Edwards, Adwin McDuffus, Azana McDuffus

  • School menus: Oct. 28 through Nov. 1


    Elementary schools – Breakfast: Pizza Strip (28g), WG Blueberry Muffin (25g), ; Entrées: Mandarin Chicken (25g) w/Rice (30.1g), Mini Corn Dogs (31g), ; Sides: Veggie Provence (7g), Baby Carrots (5.79g) w/Ranch (1g), Banana (26g), Peach Slices (16.5g), ; Condiments: Ranch Dressing (1g), Ketchup (2g), Mustard (0g)

  • School menus: Oct. 21 through Oct. 25


    Elementary schools – Breakfast: Sausage Pancake Bites (19g), WG Blueberry Muffin (25g);  Entrées: WG Pretzel (28g) w/Cheese Sauce (6g), Popcorn Chicken (13g); Sides: Cauliflower (2.56g) w/Ranch (1g), Green Beans (3.86g), Orange Smiles (15.4g) Pineapple Tidbits (15.5g); Condiments: Honey Mustard (10g), Ketchup (2g)

  • JROTC presentation

    The Kiwanis Club of Shelbyville recently presented the Collins High School JROTC program with a check for $500. J.R. RoBards presents JROTC instructor Lt. Col. Keith Gramig with the check as cadets (from left) Taylor Jackson, Sophia Sanchez and Austin Myers look on.

  • Hidden hero at Collins
  • Chapter 3: Kentucky is a state of farms

    When Mr. Tom told us he couldn’t return us to our parents, my spirit sank. “I’d love to return you, but I’ve got a big load to retrieve from a packing plant!” he said. “It’s in the opposite direction from your parents’ house. We’re already several hours away from Grover’s. If I take you back to Grover’s, I’ll miss my deadline and lose that plant’s business.”