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  • The story is told about a couple who was having a triple celebration. Both of them were celebrating their 60th birthdays, along with their 40th wedding anniversary.

    During the party, a fairy appeared and said, "Because you have been such a loving couple all these forty years, I want to grant each of you a wish. "

  • Disc Jockey Matt Holladay will host a Halloween costume party, All Hallows Rave, tonight at Gallrein Farms.

    About 300 people are expected to attend, starting at 7 p.m.

    Holladay, a native of New Albany, Ind., who moved to Shelbyville area about eight years, said he took his lifelong interest in music to the next level, becoming a DJ.

    "I've always had an interest in music," he said. "I fell in love with dance music and wanted to be able to make a career out of making people feel the way I did when I first heard dance music...alive and vibrant."

  • Shelbyville residents, like the rest of the country, enjoy decorating for Halloween, and some of their outdoor “artwork” is showcased here.

    Would you have guessed that Halloween began as an Irish tradition?

    If so, give yourself a gold star.

    In the Celtic culture more than 1,000 years ago in Ireland, Nov. 1 was New Year's Day on the Druid calendar, according to holidayinsights.com.

  • Monday


    BBQ pork rib or pizza stick, corn on the cob, green beans, pear, mandarin oranges or pineapple, milk

    B = Sausage biscuit or Uncrustable


    Hamburger/cheeseburger, grilled cheese or chicken nuggets, French fries, ketchup/mustard, BBQ sauce/honey mustard, salad dressing/mayo, lettuce/tomato, pickle/onion, corn on the cob, fresh veggies w/ranch, banana, pineapple or peaches, milk

    B = Pizza strip or breakfast



  • If anyone has an old photo that they would like to run with this column bring it and the information into The Sentinel-News office or e-mail it to the writer at sharonw@sentinelnews.com. We are also looking for mystery photos. If you have a picture you can't identify, send it in and we'll ask our readers for help.

    10 years ago, 1998

  • Box poem:

    Bird house, a home

    A little wooden bird house, smells

    of fresh cut wood, sitting on a

    pole, just made yesterday

    no one come to look.

    That new morning a blue bird

    like a sapphire in the sky singing

    comes by to look, the bird house

    hopes for a friend,

    the bird tells the bird house,

    I'll be back soon

    The bird flies away,

    the bird house is lonely,

    the bird comes back with another

    by its side,

    the bird makes a nest,

  • Allen Chapel United Methodist

    The fall revival is 7 p.m. nightly Oct. 27-29. The evangelist is the Rev. Hezzy Jewell, of Louisville.

    Annunciation Catholic

    A Halloween Hoedown will be 6:30-10:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 18, in the ACC Building. Contact the parish office at 633-1547 to arrange a visit, communion, and/or Anointing of the Sick.

    Bagdad Baptist

  • LaShanda LeQuince Walker, of Shelbyville, has been recognized as a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda, a national leadership and honors organization at the University of Louisville. The organization is dedicated to promoting and rewarding academic achievement and providing members opportunities for community service and personal development. Walker is a senior at the university majoring in music education. She is the daughter of Robert and Donetta Walker and the granddaughter of Henry and Katie Robinson.

  • "Student of the Month" demonstrates exemplary academic excellence in their selected subjects. The following students have been selected for September. Science-Tanner Smith; English-Heather Amos; Foreign Language-Emelin Corado; Social Studies-Landon Stalker; Math-Akia Jones; Choir-Marissa Chamblee; Physical Education & Health-Chelsea Lovejoy; Family & Consumer Science-Amber Singleton; Theatre Arts-Sebastian Kearney, Art-Darian Dugle; Vocational Education-Peggy Reynolds, Geometry-Brenda Delgado; Agriculture-Travis Smith; ROTC -Sapphire Perry; Orchestra-Patrick Casper