Today's Features

  • Charlie Metzger was in the middle of detailing how the adoption center works at Metzger's Country Store in Simpsonville when an employee walked in holding a gorgeous, gray-and-white Himilayan.

    The cat had been left at the store in its carrier with a note attached requesting Metzger's to care for it.

    "It doesn't happen too often, but it happens more than it should," Metzger said.

    The cat would have to be taken to the county's animal shelter for a period before it could come back to Metzger's, if the center has space.

  • “You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been,” City Council member Allen Matthews said to open his commentary Monday on the 2009 Citizen of the Year recipient, Jim Cleveland.

    Cleveland was named Citizen of the Year at the Chamber of Commerce meeting for his efforts in keeping the history of Shelby County accessible through photographs.

  • The Simpsonville Lions Club  is announcing two upcoming projects which will serve two areas of the community.

    The first is called the Third Annual “No Child Left Behind.”

    This goal of this project is to attempt to make sure that no child in the 40067 zip code  (Simpsonville) will go without a toy or game, or in the case of older children, personal items, for Christmas.

  • Local citizens and officials attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday celebrating the recent renovations to Centro Latino that have expanded its services to the community.

    Program Coordinator Lupe Vega said what used to be an old garage has been turned into two computer labs and a clothes closet.

    “We do a lot to help people. But also we see that people need computer skills and to get a GED to move and get better jobs and have more opportunity,” she said.

  • "We're waiting on taters!" Mark Schank hollered to the line 20-deep at the kitchen window.

    It was just before 6 at the Mount Eden Ruritan Club Fish Fry on Friday night. Hungry customers were filling the building and taking advantage of drive-thru service. On the menu: fried fish, potato wedges, cole slaw and baked beans.

  • In the performance arena music competes with dust for air space, and the carnival tunes ebb and flow as from a hand-cranked box while around the ring the horses respond: slow walk to fast walk to canter.

    Pockets of the crowd whoop and holler for their favorites. But all is still when it's time for the judges to march around the horses and riders.

  • Thom Coffee recalled the Biblical story of Abraham taking his son Isaac up to the mountain at God's request for him to sacrifice his son. God stopped Abraham, but the story showed just how powerful faith and trust can be in serving God.

    Coffee didn't know he'd be tested in the same way.