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  • It’s time for Duanne Puckett to get a “new set of wheels,” and in a classic twist of déjà vu, members of her church family are again leading the charge to see the task through.


    State senate State house District Judge

    County Judge/Executive

    Property Valuation Administrator

    County Attorney County Clerk Sheriff Jailer Coroner Surveyor Magistrate Constable Shelbyville Mayor

    Shelbyville City Council

    School Board districts 1, 4


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  •  The lunch crowd at the Bluegrass Country Depot in Clay Village enjoyed a visit by U.S.

  •  Fine art, wine and pleasant conversation were all part of an event held Friday at Shelby Artists on Main in celebration of its seventh anniversary.

  • Republican Bill Hedges has filed to run for magistrate in District 4 in Shelby County.

    He is unopposed until the general election, when he will face one of three Democrats who have filed for the seat being vacated by Cordy Armstrong's retirement from the court.

    "I have lived in Shelby County most of my life, and my goal is to help keep it a great place to live," Hedges said. "The transport industry has been my occupation for over 30 years as dispatcher, safety director and truck driver."

  • Wednesday, the first day to file for office in the 2010 election, found four Shelby County officials meeting up at the county clerk's office to file for re-election at the same time.

    Shelby County Clerk Sue Carol Perry looked on as County Attorney Hart Megibben, County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger, Sheriff Mike Armstrong and Jailer Bobby Waits jockeyed for elbow room at her counter to fill out their papers.

  • The Republican offshoot Tea Party has been making national headlines for more than a year now. With rallies all over the country and even as close as Louisville, the group has taken the nation by storm with its Taxed Enough Already motto.

    But, oddly enough, this wave of popularity seems to washed right over Shelby County.

  • Magistrate Mike Whitehouse has filed to run for a sixth term in the magisterial District 7, which encompasses much of the southern part of Shelby County.

    Whitehouse, a Democrat, has served as magistrate for 21 years. He said he is excited about the chance to serve his community for another four years as magistrate.

  • Nov. 4: Earliest date for affixing of signatures on candidate filing forms for an office on the 2010 ballot.

    Nov. 4: Earliest day for candidates to file for an office on the 2010 ballot.

    Dec. 31: Last day to change political party affiliation and be eligible to vote in that political party affiliation's primary election.