Youth menus: April 22 through April 26

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Elementary schools – Breakfast: WG snack ‘n waffles(38g), WG blueberry muffin(27g); entrées: chicken strips(12g), honey BBQ pork bites(7g); sides: tossed salad(4.48g) w/mandarin oranges(9.5g), sweet potato waffle fries(30g), WG roll(24g), banana(26g), pineapple tidbits(15.5g); condiments: ketchup(2g), honey mustard(10g), BBQ sauce(7.5g), raspberry vinaigrette dressing(5.5g)

Middle schools – Breakfast: sausage & cheese biscuit (25g), PBJ uncrustable(34g); entrées: spicy chicken(12g) sandwich(bun 22g), Philly beef on bun (25g), PBJ uncrustable(34g) & cheese stick(1g); sides: cooked carrots(9.4g), green beans(4.54g), orange smiles(9g), pineapple tidbits(15.5g).


Elementary schools – Breakfast: Ham, egg and cheese biscuit(29g), cereal bar(27g); entrées: mandarin chicken(27g) w/rice(21g), turkey & cheese “Nemo” sandwich(22.5g), PBJ uncrustable(34g) and cheese stick(V)(1g); sides: oriental vegetables(4.3g), baked fries(36g), lettuce(1g)/tomato(2g), banana(26g)peach slices(16.5g); condiments: ketchup(2g), mustard(0g), salad dressing(1g)

Middle schools – Breakfast: PBJ uncrustable(34g), chicken biscuit(29.5g);  entrées: pork ribaque (P)(11g), oven fried chicken(7g), entrée salad(9.5g) w/roll(24g); sides: kale greens(3g), pinto beans(20g), orange smiles(9g), peaches(16.5g), WG roll(24g); condiments: vinegar, ketchup(2g)promise(0g)


Elementary schools – Breakfast: breakfast pizza(P)(24g), WG apple muffin(28g); entrées: hot dog(1g) on bun(22g), Philly beef on bun(25g), uncrustable(34g) and cheese stick(1g); sides: vegetarian baked beans(33g), cole slaw(8g), banana(26g), applesauce(22g); condiments: ketchup(2g) mustard(0g)

Middle schools – Breakfast: bacon, egg & cheese biscuit(26g) french toast sticks(28g); entrées: vendor pizza (P)(V)(32 g per slice), corn dog(33g), pizza strip(24g); sides: spinach salad w/mandarin oranges, hash brown stick(15.5g), orange smiles(9g), applesauce(22g); condiments: ketchup(2g)mustard(0g), raspberry vinaigrette(5.5g)


Elementary schools – Southside has vendor pizza(32g) Breakfast: sausage biscuit w/jelly(33g), WG banana muffin(28g); entrées: WG spaghetti w/meat sauce(30g), chicken teriyaki dippers(8g) w/rice(21g); sides: tossed salad(4.48g), cooked carrots(9.4g), breadstick(10g), banana(26g), mixed fruit(16g); condiments: ranch dressing(3g)

Middle schools – Breakfast: Breakfast pizza(P)(24g), WG bfast bun(39g); entrées: pizzatas (2) (P)(24g), taco (P) and cheese on tortilla (23g), turkey and cheese “Nemo” box (56g); sides: corn(17.7g), lettuce/tomato, California medley (6.49g), Orange smiles(9g), mixed fruit(16g); condiments: taco sauce(1g), salsa(6g)


Elementary schools – Wright has Vendor Pizza(32g) Breakfast: PBJ uncrustable(34g), WG chocolate muffin(28g); entrées: pizzatas (P)(24g), grilled cheese(29g); sides: corn(17.7g), green beans(4.54g), banana(26g), sliced Pears(17g); condiments: mustard (0g) salad dressing (1g)

Middle schools – Breakfast: Ham, egg and cheese biscuit(27g), WG brown sugar Poptart(37g); entrées: WG chicken patty(15g) on bun(22g), fish Patty(14g) sandwich(22g), PBJ Uncrustable (34g)& Cheese Stick (V)(1g); sides: tossed Salad (4.48g), fresh baby carrots(4.22g), baked beans(33g), macaroni & cheese(29g), Orange smiles(9g), sliced pears(17g); condiments: ketchup(2g), mustard(0), ranch dressing(3g)