Wrecked truck leaves quite a mess

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By Lisa King

The identity and condition of a truck driver who wrecked his tractor-trailer on Interstate 64 Tuesday morning still has not been revealed by law enforcement.

Kentucky State Police Spokesman Ron Turley said that Paul Secor, the trooper who worked the accident, still has not gotten that information to him.

The trucker was transported to the University of Louisville after he ran off the road just west of the Waddy exit. He hit a huge tree, splitting the truck apart and spilling its load of canned food.

The truck was removed in pieces to the Peytona garage on U.S. 60, a process that took until the next day to complete.

Emergency Management Director Charlie Frazee said that when spilled cargo involves food, it must go through certain steps before it can be declared edible.

“If it’s perishable, it must be destroyed,” he said. “In this case, with canned goods, it must be inspected by either the health department or the state department of agriculture who must decide if it can be used.”

No word has come forth on that decision as yet.

Secor said at the scene that he had no idea what caused the driver to run off the road.

“There were no other vehicles involved, and the witnesses said the truck swerved, like the driver was trying to avoid hitting an animal, but there was no animal present except a coyote in the roadway that already been hit,” he said.