World Championship Horse Show: Byers lead lots of Shelby winners

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McClean’s injury limits showing

By Todd Martin

Shelby Countians brought home more than 75 top-5 finishes from the 7-day World Championship Horse Show last week at the Kentucky State Fair, including 30 first-place finishes.


The show culminated with three champions from Shelby County on Saturday night, and two more top three finishes in the marquee events.

Rob Byers, who’s wife, Sarah, won the Ladies 3-Gaited Championship aboard Mr. Center Stage, said it was a banner week for his Premier Stables and the horses they train.

“It was a great week. We’re just thrilled,” he said. “It was one of our year’s we’ve had in a while. We’re blessed to have a strong string of horses and this year.”

Byers and his wife took home six blue  ribbons this year, which he called a “really good week.”

Also at the top of their respective classes on Saturday were Simpsonville’s Golden Creek Farm, with Wild Carrisssima and Bret Day winning the Fine Harness World Grand Championship, and High Hickory Farm’s CH The Daily Lottery with Gabe Deknatel winning the Amateur 5-Gaited Championship.

Mary Gaylord McClean also took second in the Hackney Pony Worlds Grand Championship with Regal’s Trademark LF, and Byers was third aboard Bravo Blue in the 5-Gaited Worlds Grand Championship, which is the show’s top event.

Byers said a little bad luck kept Shelby County from dominating Saturday’s classes.

“Mary [Gaylord McClean] actually caught her shoe on a mat and twisted her ankle, tearing some ligaments and tendons, so she couldn’t show any of her horses under [or in the] saddle. And she had several that could have done very well. She ended up only getting to show two of them.”

Byers noted that Mr. Center Stage was one of those horses, which luckily still got the victory. However some weren’t as lucky.

“That was one she had just purchased two weeks prior to the event, and was really looking forward to showing,” he said. “She also had the reigning champion in the Ladies 5-Gaited Amateur. She had won every time they showed her this year, but she didn’t get to show her.”

He also noted Zombie Stomp, which won the Amateur 5-Gatied  Stake at the Shelbyville Horse Show as another of McClean’s horses that didn’t get to show.

Byers bit of bad luck came earlier in the year, but wasn’t really realized until now.

“Bravo Blue is a horse I’ve only been working with for probably eight months,” he said. “We got him about this time last year, but he was injured. We finally got to start working with him about March, but when I showed him in May he was reinjured and had to be off for thirty days.

“I didn’t really know what to expect from him, but he came out and won the Junior League Championship in Lexington. He really made an outstanding show [Saturday], and he had a lot of crowd support.”

That sets up well for a Byers and healthy Bravo Blue next year.

“With a full year-and-a-half training under him next year, who knows,” he said.

Other notable top local finishes:

  • Xanthos, owned by Aurora Farms of Bagdad, in the 3-Gatied Show Pleasure Adult Championship
  • Renaissance Man’s Medici, trained by Scott Bennett of Simpsonville, in the 2-year-old Fine Harness.
  • CH A Travelin’ Man, owned by the Kathy S. Capsuto Trust of Shelbyville, in the 3-Gaited Ladies Amateur Championship.
  • A Night in Vegas, owned by Golden Creek Farms of Simpsonville, in the 3-year-old Park Pleasure.


Shelby’s winners in state fair horse show

Saddlebred classes


Results from the State Fair Horse Show. Listed Horse, owner, breeder, trainer, competitor.


Thursday night


3-Gaited Junior Championship

1. Undulata's Dream Team; Undulata's Nutcracker X CH Garland's Dream; B&T Vonderschmitt LLC, Jasper, Ind.; Edward R. Bennett, Shelbyville; Rob Byers; Rob Byers

5. Thunderstar;  Thundergun X Breathtaking; Judith B. Swartz, Hershey, PA; Joan B. Lurie, Simpsonville; Joan Lurie; Darrell Case


5-Gaited 3-Year-Old Mare

1. Undulata's High Society; Undulata's Nutcracker X In Undulata Fashion; Pidgeon Roost Farm, Memphis, Tenn.; Edward R. Bennett, Shelbyville; Anne Neil; Anne Neil


Fine Harness Ladies Championship

5. Unclaimed; Attache's Liquid Asset X Northern Darling; Janet R. Beardsley-Blanco, New London, NH; Stonecroft Farm, Shelbyville; Gary Garone; Janet Beardsley-Blanco



Friday morning


3-Gaited 2-Year-Old Div I

3. Undulata's Secret Rendezvous; Undulata's Nutcracker X Gotta Secret; Siege LLC &/or Jennifer L. Katko, Tampa, Fla.; Soquili Stables LLC, Woodstock, Ga.; Edward R. Bennett; Johanna Kapioltas

4. Stonecroft Spellbound; I'm First X Majestic Jane; Pidgeon Roost Farm, Memphis, Tenn.; Stonecroft Farm, Simpsonville; Brian Chappell; Brian Chappell

5. Forever Heaven; Undulata's Heir Apparent X Heavenly Thunder; Mcglothlin Heir Service LLC And, Simpsonville; Mcglothlin LLC/Willowbank Farm, Simpsonville; Joan Lurie; Darrell Case


3-Gaited 2-Year-Old Div II

5. Agave; Phlags Phlying X Madame Cost A'lot; Michael or Barrie Tunstall, Finchville; Michael or Barrie Tunstall, Finchville; Mike Tunstall; Mike Tunstall


Fine Harness 2-Year-Old Stallion/Gelding

1. Bewitching Lad; Charmed and Bewitched X Harlem's Irish Lass; Paula F. Schmidt &/or, Shelbyville; P. Schmidt/K. Capsuto Trust, Shelbyville; Geof Dixon; Kathy Capsuto-Walker


3-Gaited Show Pl Adult Championship

1. Xanthos; Harlem Superior X CH City Lady; Aurora Farms LLC, Bagdad; Melody Adler, Shelbyville; George Knight; Melody Adler

3. Undulata's Fashion Plate; Undulata's Nutcracker X Riva's Fashion Spirit (BHF); Maribelle Granger, Dayton, Ohio; Edward R. Bennett, Shelbyville; Shelley Fisher; Piper Bordegon


Fine Harness 2-Year-Old Mare

2. Hs Baby Steps; Sir William Robert X I Am The Dream; Ashlyn Farms LLC, Simpsonville; Hagan Saddlebreds, Inc., Louisville; Lionel Ferreira; Lionel Ferreira

4. Holiday Style; Undulata's Nutcracker X CH Heir Style; Cherokee Saddlebreds LLC And, Simpsonville; Cherokee LCC/Willowbank Farm, Simpsonville; Joan Lurie; Darrell Case



Friday night


2-Year-Old Fine Harness

1. Renaissance Man's Medici; Belle Reve's Renaissance Man X Steel Available; William and Elizabeth Shatner, Beverly Hills, Cal.; Scott Bennett, Simpsonville; Steve & Tiffany Wheeler; Steve Wheeler


Western Country Pleasure Champion

5. Toreador; Sultan's Collector's Item X Pinklace; Carousel Farms LLC, Eugene, Oregon; Edward R. Bennett, Shelbyville; Tim Arcuri; Dr. Catherine Gallo


3-Gaited Jr Ex 13 & Under Champion

2. CH An Heir About Her; Supreme Heir X Sweet Illusion W.F.; Ever Glades Farm, Inc., Kansas City, MO; Joan B. Lurie, Simpsonville; Melissa Hughes; Alice Rowland


3-Gaited Ladies Amateur Champion

1. CH A Travelin' Man; (SA) Tornaado X Travelin'; Steven E. Chancellor, Evansville, Ind.; Kathy S. Capsuto Trust, Shelbyville; Lillian Shively; Ashley Wilson



Saturday morning


3-Gaited Show Pl 14-17 Championship

3. O' Man Alive; Only Man In Town X A Live Wire; Julianna Lowery, South Charleston, WV; Danette R. Musselman, Simpsonville; Jimmy Morrison; Julianna Lowery


3-Gaited Show Pl 13 & Under Champ

1. CH With Bells On; Con Heir X Stella Bella; Mackenzie Hall, Murphy, Texas; Crumpler Stables, Ltd., Simpsonville; Ashley Walker; Mackenzie Hall

5. Thunder Gone Wild; Attache's Thunderbolt X Inheirent Risk; Rainbow Princess Farms LLC, Oklahoma City, OK; Willowbank Farm, Simpsonville; Lillian Shively; Eleanor Rainbolt-Forbes


3-Year-Old Park Pleasure

1. A Night In Vegas; Northern Vegas X Sultan's Lady's Night Out; Grace A. Arnold, Rancho Santa Fe, CA; Golden Creek Farms, Inc., Simpsonville; James Cherry; James Cherry


Fine Harness 3-Year-Old Stallion/Gelding

5. Snowman; Leatherwood's Starlight X Frosty Miss;  Crabtree Farms, Inc., Simpsonville; Crabtree Farms, Inc., Simpsonville; Redd Crabtree; Redd Crabtree


3-Gaited Park Open Championship

2. Nuttin' To Lose; Undulata's Nutcracker X Ridin' On Heir; Holt Oaks Farms LLC, Louisville; Willowbank and Daybreak Farm, Simpsonville; Chuck Herbert; Chuck Herbert



Saturday night


3-Gaited Ladies Championship

1. Mr. Center Stage; Deep Blue X Daphne Dearest; Golden Creek Farms Inc., Simpsonville; Fox Grape Farms Inc., Roanoke, VA; Rob Byers; Sarah Byers


5-Gaited Ladies Championship

2. The Lady Sings The Blues; Northern Blues X Undulata's Once and Again; Burbank & Collins I, Llp, Louisville; Edward R. Bennett, Shelbyville; Jimmy Robertson; Helen Robertson


5-Gaited Amateur Championship

1. CH The Daily Lottery, Sultan's Great Day X Callaway's Lady Lottery, High Hickory Farm, Simpsonville;  Penny Lane Farm, Inc., Boaz; John Conatser; Gabe Deknatel



Other classes


Results. Owner, listed Horse, exhibitor.


ASR Futurity Of KY­ Weanling

1. Terri Kearney, Shelbyville; Lismore's Nuttin Better, exhibitor; Joan Lurie


ASHA KY Co Fair Fine Harness CH

1. Robert L. Pugh LLC, Pawleys Island, SC; CH Revolver; Bret C. Day

5. Edward R. Bennett, Shelbyville; Bungalow Eight, Peter Palmer


AHHS KY Co Fair Harness Pony CH

2. Mary Gaylord McClean, Simpsonville; Mastercraft's Promoter LF; Tom Lowry


AHHS  KY Co Fair Roadster Pony CH

1. Mary Gaylord McClean, Simpsonville; Regal's Wild Card LF, Jeff McClean


ASHA  ASR Futurity Of KY-Yearlings

1. Paula F. Schmidt, &/or Kathy S. Capsuto Trust, Shelbyville; Sir Surreal; Geof Dixon


AHHS  KY Co Fair Hackney Pony CH

1. Mary Gaylord McClean, Simpsonville; Regal's Trademark LF; Mary Gaylord McClean


ASHA KY Co Fair 5-Gaited CH

3. Pleasantview Farm LLC, Simpsonville; Don't Ask Me; Kris Knight


AHHS 4-Year-Old Roadster Pony

1. Mary Gaylord McClean, Simpsonville; Regal's Promoter LF; Mary Gaylord McClean


AHHS Amateur Gentlemens Harness Pony

1. Mary Gaylord McClean, Simpsonville; Twin Willow's Handsome Dan; Jeff McClean


ASHA ASB Park 3-Gaited Mare

1. Willowbank Farm/J.Darrell Case, Simpsonville; Sangria Splash; J. Darrell Case


AHHS Am Gentlemens Hackney Pony

3 Stonecroft Farm, Simpsonville; Nobu; John Scheidt


ASHA  Div. 1 Junior Exhibitor 3-Gaited,13 & Under

3. Edward R. Bennett, Shelbyville; Undulata's Nuttin' Sweeter; Laura Plant


Ama Roadster Pony 50 In & Under

2. Joseph &/or Patrice W O'Brien, Simpsonville; Mr. Lucky Man; Toni Nastali

3. Mary Gaylord McClean, Simpsonville; Sis O' Six; Abel Vega


Junior 5-Gaited Mare

5. High Hickory Farm, Simpsonville; Candy Stripes; Mike Tunstall


Amateur Gentlemen’s 5-Gaited

1. High Hickory Farm, Simpsonville; The Daily Lottery; Gabe Deknatel


Div. 1 ASB Adult 5-Gaited SH PL

4. Mount Saddlebreds; Simpsonville; CH Callaway's Dealbreaker; Kelly Mount

5. High Hickory Farm, Simpsonville; One More Kiss; Kristin Stivers


Div II ASB Jr Exh 3-G Co Pl 13 & Under

4. Aiden Greene, Simpsonville; New York's Hot Stuff, Aiden Greene


ASR Nat 3-year-Old Futurity – 5-Gaited

4. Golden Creek Farms Inc., Simpsonville; Be Careful In Vegas; Emily Lee


AHHS 3-Year-Old Harness Pony

2. Mary Gaylord McClean, Simpsonville; Jokake; Tom Lowry


ASHA Div 1 ASB Junior Exhibitor 3-G CO PL 14-17 Yrs

5. Morgan Reiser Stables LLC, Shelbyville; Polar Express


3-Year-Old Roadster Pony

1. Mary Gaylord McClean, Simpsonville; Regal's Monarch LF; Jeff McClean

5. Mary Gaylord McClean, Simpsonville; Royal First Lady; Abel Vega


AHHS Junior Exhibitor Roadster Pony - 14-17 Yrs

3. Joseph &/or Patrice W O'Brien, Simpsonville; Mr. Lucky Man


ASHA Fine Harness Stallion/Gelding Stake

1. Golden Creek Farms Inc., Simpsonville; Wild Carrissima, Bret C. Day


ASHA Ladies 5-Gaited Gelding

5. Crabtree Farms Inc., Simpsonville; Montano; Deborah Visser


ASHA Ladies 3-Gaited 15.2 & Under

1. Golden Creek Farms, Simpsonville; Mr. Center Stage, Sarah Byers


ASHA ASR Amateur Furity Of KY 2-Year-Old In Hand

1. Kathy S. Capsuto Trust, Shelbyville; Tronese; Kathy S. Capsuto Walker


AHHS Amateur Hackney Pony Champion

4. Stonecroft Farm, Simpsonville; Nobu; John Scheidt


AHHS Junior Exhibitor Roadster Pony - 14-17 Champion

2. Joseph &/or Patrice W O'Brien, Simpsonville; Mr. Lucky Man; Patrice Watson O'Brien


ASHA 3-Year-Old Fine Harness Stallion/Gelding

5. Crabtree Farms, Inc., Simpsonville; Snowman; Redd Crabtree


ASHA Ladies 3-Gaited Championship

1 .Golden Creek Farms, Simpsonville; Mr. Center Stage; Sarah Byers


ASHA Fine Harness Worlds Grand Champion

1. Golden Creek Farms Inc., Simpsonville; Wild Carrissima; Bret C. Day


ASHA Amateur 5-Gaited Championship 21 shown

1. High Hickory Farm, Simpsonville; CH The Daily Lottery; Gabe Deknatel


AHHS Hackney Pony Worlds Grand Champion

2. Mary Gaylord McClean, Simpsonville; Regal's Trademark LF; Mary Gaylord McClean