Working to better Shelbyville

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By Scotty McDaniel

Shane Suttor has filed for a second term on Shelbyville City Council.

Suttor said several important issues were addressed in his first term serving the city - issues that will continue to need to be watched.

"We sought to keep property taxes low," he said. According to Suttor, keeping taxes low depends on the progressive growth of the city.

"I still feel that smart growth, development, is a big issue," he said. "We need to maintain services and grow a proper way."

He said the council was also able to bring the growing illegal immigration problem into the forefront for people to talk about.

"Employers take advantage of illegal employees for cheap labor," he said. "And illegals take advantage of the system."

Gangs and drugs are also a part of the immigration problem, he said.

One way he said to counter this problem and keep people from being taken advantage of is to deport illegal immigrants that are put in jail. He said another solution is to crack down on employers so that jobs are not offered to illegal immigrants.

Suttor said these and all other issues that come before the council deserve a thorough investigation.

"If there's a decision being made, I weigh all the options and will always explain why I vote the way I do," he said.

"The government is about making this a better place for you."

Suttor works for Toyota and coaches kids in soccer at Clear Creak Park. His wife, Amanda, is a pharmacist at Wal-Mart. They have a six-year-old daughter, Rylee, and three-year-old son, Ethan.

"We're raising the family here," he said. "So, we're definitely here for the long haul."