Woman saved from drowning by rescue team

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Sunday night storm caused other problems as well

By Lisa King

For Paula McCurdy of Waddy, a rainy drive home quickly turned into a nightmare she will never forget.

Neither will the firefighters who managed to rescue her after she tried to drive across flooded Bardstown Trail in Waddy.  

"She called 911, and they tried to keep her on the phone, but she was hysterical and she just kept screaming and screaming," said Shelby County Sheriff's Deputy Riley Kennedy. "And over the radio, we could hear firefighters calling to her, trying to find her."

The 911 call came in at 12:33 a.m. and assistant Shelby County Fire Chief Jeff Ivers said when the department's Water Rescue Team got to Bardstown Trail, they had trouble even finding MCurdy's car.

"It was totally dark and the headlights were underwater; it looked like somebody with a weak flashlight," he said.

Kennedy agreed the visibility was terrible.

"The rain was coming down so hard, it was just a solid sheet of water," he said.

The rescue team, which included members of both Shelby County and Waddy firefighters, braved several feet of frigid water to get to McCurdy, 53, who had managed to climb out of her car.

“We sent two team members out to get her, and they brought her back in a Stokes basket,” Ivers said. "We didn't know how badly she was hurt, and that water was freezing cold."

McCurdy was treated and released at Frankfort Regional Medical Center.

Ivers said the creek on Bardstown Trail just overflowed its banks and caught McCurdy, who was alone in her car, by surprise.

"That water just came up really quick," he said.

Sunday night’s have thunderstorm, which dumped an inch and an half of rain on Shelby County, caused flooding all over  the county and knocked out power to some residents.

Bob Price, team leader for Kentucky Utilities, said the outages did not occur in any particular spot, but were just sort of scattered throughout the county.

 “Most of them were just individual houses, nothing major,” he said.

Price added that the time power was out depended on the resident’s location.

Bagdad Fire Chief Rusty Newton said there were also scattered pockets of power outages there as well.

Emergency Management Agency Director Charlie Frazee said the places that flooded around the county were areas that typically do so in a heavy rain.

He added that he is not aware of any major damage caused by flooding.