Woman charged with arson

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By Lisa King

A woman formerly of Shelby County has been indicted by the Shelby County Grand Jury for burning down her own house in January.

Susan M. Jackey of Henry County is charged with second-degree arson for setting fire to her house at 2709 Pea Ridge in Waddy.

Shelby County Fire Marshall Robert Goodwin said after an extensive investigation, he presented his evidence to the Sheriff's Office and the Commonwealth Attorney's office, who turned the case over to the grand jury, which found sufficient evidence to indict Jackey.

Goodwin said the charge of second-degree arson involves arson for profit.

"That charge is made when someone attempts to burn down a structure to collect the insurance money," he said.

Goodwin said that Jackey and her husband, Robert, and their two children were living in Henry County at the time of the fire on Jan. 2.

"The house was not on the market at the time of the fire, and they had already moved out and were fixing it up to sell it," Goodwin said.

He added that arson for profit has been on the rise in Kentucky lately.

"People get behind on their payments, and if they have insurance, and they feel like if they can get away with it, it would be a way out for them," he said.

But he said that even if someone charged with arson is not ultimately convicted of that charge, that still doesn't mean they will necessarily be compensated by the insurance company.

"It's up to the insurance company as to whether they get the money or not," he said.

Second-degree arson is a Class B felony and carries a penalty of 10 to 20 years in prison.